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presstv-jitters grow among indians after attacks in us

​munawar zamanpress tv, new delhiindians living in the united states have recently been subject to xenophobic attacks. this has raised great concerns among their relatives at home as well as those aiming to travel to the united states. indians blame u-s president donald trump for the rise of xenop...

presstv-‘us arming syrian militants to create absolute mess’

us general joseph votel, the commander of the us central command (centcom), has secretly headed to northern syria to meet us-backed militant groups, two days after announcing that washington was mulling more us boots on the ground in the arab country.according to talal sello, a spokesman for the so-...

homeland security fact sheet on the revised travel ban

the executive order signed on march 6, 2017, allows for the proper review and establishment of standards to prevent terrorist or criminal infiltration by foreign nationals. the united states has the world’s most generous immigration system, yet it has been repeatedly exploited by terrorists and ot...

presstv-‘trump anti-immigrant rhetoric leads to hate crimes’

another indian expatriate has fallen victim to a possible hate crime attack in the us, the third such incident targeting indians over the past two weeks.a journalist and political commentator believes this shooting incident is “undoubtedly a hate crime,” adding that president donald trump’s a...

russia is beijing's best friend forever

china's friendship with russia has reached new heights, according to top chinese officials. apropos of nothing at all, chinese foreign minister wang yi declared on march 8 that relations with russia had reached “a historic maximum.”“china-russia relations are stronger than they have ever been...

space chief tells of united states of europe - dream' after satellite launch - t

european space agency chief jan woerner has spoken of his "dream" of a united states of europe as he admitted brexit is a "problem". speaking at the european spaceport in kourou, french guiana, where the launch took place at 1.49am uk time, he said: "it's another proof today of european capabilities...

ashg opposes new executive order restricting travel to the us

bethesda, md - the american society of human genetics (ashg) opposes and urges the white house to rescind its recent executive order "protecting the nation from foreign terrorist entry into the united states," issued march 6.effective march 16, the executive order will suspend entry of nationals fro...

homeland security report disputes travel ban nations

president donald trump signs an executive order imposing a four-month travel ban on refugees entering the united states and a 90-day hold on travelers from syria, iran and five other muslim-majority countries at the pentagon in washington, on jan. 27, 2017. carlos barria—reuters(washington) — a...

presstv-‘us seeks to impose its will on unhrc’

human rights watch has slammed the us for probable withdrawal from the united nations human rights council (unhrc) over what washington calls the council’s biased attitude toward international human rights lawyer believes the united states’ potential move to withdraw from the unhrc is ...

presstv-‘n korea missile test response to us drills’

military exercises by the united states and south korea rehearsing the invasion of north korea are what provoke pyongyang to develop its nuclear and ballistic missile programs, says ryan dawson, a human rights activist from osaka, japan. “the north koreans have shot ballistic missiles in respo...

presstv-‘us airstrikes in yemen, totally illegitimate’

the united states has carried out airstrikes for a second consecutive day against alleged al-qaeda targets in yemen, according to the us defense department, leaving an unknown number of civilians investigative journalist believes the united states is just aggravating the crisis in yemen,...

presstv-us not to take n korea seriously: haley

the united states defends deployment of its terminal high altitude area defense (thaad) anti-missile system to south korea, asserting that north korea’s attitude amounts to “irresponsible arrogance.” united states ambassador to the un nikki haley made the remarks at the united nations headquar...

america's two-front war of ideas

there’s no consensus on the greatest ideological threat to the united states.

presstv-us urges un to end 'obsession' with israel

the united states says it is considering ending its participation in the un human rights council over the inter-governmental body’s "obsession" with a speech before the geneva-based unhrc, us envoy erin barclay said washington "remains deeply troubled by the council’s consistent unfair...

today's news: feb. 25, 2017

terrorist attacks kill dozens in syria, and more from the united states and around the world.

how to protect your private data when you travel to the united states

paul ralph | the conversation  march 7, 2017 last updated at 14:31 ist

today's news: feb. 26, 2017

dozens injured after car plows into mardi gras crowd, and more from the united states and around the world.

analysing trump's new travel ban

the us administration hopes that the narrower order will survive court challengespresident donald trump on monday morning approved a new travel ban executive order, replacing the one he issued in january that had spawned chaos nationwide and was blocked by the federal courts. the new order bars entr...

presstv-us-based extremists radicalized years after entry

a new report by the us department of homeland security finds that most violent extremists in the us were born in the country or were radicalized "several years after" they entered the us.the report, obtained by msnbc on thursday, found insufficient evidence that citizens of seven muslim-majority cou...

today's news: feb. 28, 2017

president trump to address congress, samsung heir is to be charged, and more from the united states and around the world.

the scary state of volcano monitoring in the united states

one of the most volcanically active countries in the world is not ready for a devastating eruption.

today's news: feb. 26, 2017

bill paxton dead at 61, thousands protest putin in moscow, and more from the united states and around the world.

a visual search engine for the entire planet

descartes labs lets you point-and-hop between features in china and the united states.

boulder county history: elise boulding promoted nonviolence

if you gowhat: boulder women in the colorado women's hall of fame, with wendy bohlingwhen: 7 p.m. tuesday, march, 7where: chautauqua community house, 900 baseline road, bouldercost: $9-$12more info:chautauqua.comit's a particularly good time to remember the life of elise boulding. immigrant, wife, m...

today's news: march 3, 2017

russia pushes back against u.s. claims, fillon’s spokesman quits, and more from the united states and around the world.