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the human side of ai

deep thinking where machine intelligence ends and human creativity begins garry kasparov john murray 288 pages; rs 599 february 10, 1996 is a milestone in the history of humans versus machines. that was the day deep blue, a machine, beat garry kasparov, the reigning world champion of chess. the day ...

a uniquely digital pdf experience – macstories

liquidtext is one of the few apps that feels uniquely built for the ipad. there is currently no desktop version available, nor iphone version, and though that may be a negative in some ways, the positive side is that every new feature and enhancement is focused exclusively on ipad use. as a pdf read...

a uniquely greek situation | comment

violence is an integral part of greek university life as general lawlessness reigns supreme. and unfortunately this is nothing new as universities have over the years gradually succumbed to the law of the jungle.not a day goes by without some violent incident, which usually includes attacks on profe...

las vegas is 'uniquely american scene' - fmr. fbi agent

jump to navigationsharetweetemailsaveembedall in with chris hayes 10/02/17 'the truth is more devastating than isis,' says former fbi special agent ali soufan of the attack in las vegas. 'what we've a uniquely american scene.' descriptionlimit"> ...moreduration: {{video.duration.momentjs}}...

walmart's has its own grocery brand just for millennials

uniquely j's perceived appeal to millennials stems from stocking products that play to their values, like items that are organic and fair trade. a company spokesperson also told techcrunch that the design of its packaging, which includes a bag of coffee with a tattoo-like skull design and a box of f...

why the gulf coast is uniquely vulnerable to disasters

it isn’t just because of the weather, a historian argues.

very private art — street art installation by bazil stachievich...

 explore human evolution as a species. becoming a human today and study human interaction with the universe.(source:

animals had energy-hungry brains long before we did

a tiny treeshrew brain saps just as much of the body's energy as a human brain, researchers report. shown in red are the blood vessels that deliver glucose to fuel cellular activities. credit: arianna harrington, duke university.for years, scientists assumed that humans devote a larger share of thei...

the people who pledge allegiance to the u.s. constitution

how patriotism among american immigrants is uniquely linked to the country’s founding document

universal music taps ar and vr to hype new releases

the companies will work together to create immersive music, which will then show up on within's app, which is available on ios, android, oculus rift, htc vive, sony psvr and google daydream. the idea of this new partnership is to begin collaborations early in the music creation process to better int...

imagining a black wonder woman

growing up, i was told my favorite comic-book heroine was white. and yet her struggles always seemed uniquely similar to my own.

the art of teaching the youngest students

a denver child-care provider hopes an in-house training initiative will better prepare educators for a uniquely difficult field.

presstv-skull-ful creations made from human bones

doctor adalberto meneses has shown his collection of sculptures made from human bones at his human bone museum in lima, the capital of peru.meneses fashions different shapes out of the bones to make decorative objects and even furniture, which he keeps on display at the museum.the doctor did not see...

suspected gas attack in syria 'uniquely horrific'

jump to navigationsharetweetemailsaveembedmsnbc live 04/04/17 nbc's richard engel reports on the attack in idlib province, which has reportedly killed dozens. descriptionlimit"> ...moreduration: {{video.duration.momentjs}}up next in: world news on msnbcchannelstop storiesfrom nbc news and msnbc'i le...

three-year-olds understand, value obligations of joint commitment

the ability to engage in joint actions is a critical step toward becoming a cooperative human being. in particular, forming a commitment with a partner to achieve a goal that one cannot achieve alone is important for functioning in society. previous research has shown that children begin collaborati...

presstv-‘saudi arabia no.1 rights violator’

a political commentator says human rights condition in saudi arabia has been escalated in recent years and the west is keeping silent about it.“it’s just extraordinary that western nations lecture others on human rights and then form this obscene close partnership with the world’s number one h...

presstv-activists slam us for human rights violations

ghanbar naderipress tv, tehranactivists attending an international conference on american human rights in tehran say the us is using human rights and democracy as a tool of pressure on countries and to push forward its own agenda across the globe.our correspondent ghanbar naderi reports.

the proteins that domesticated our genomes

epfl scientists have carried out a genomic and evolutionary study of a large and enigmatic family of human proteins, to demonstrate that it is responsible for harnessing the millions of transposable elements in the human genome. the work reveals the largely species-specific gene-regulatory networks ...

simplifying the complexities of human trafficking

human trafficking is much more than kidnapping and selling people. those who commit labour exploitation can, for example, also be sentenced for human trafficking. criminologist masja van meeteren hopes to simplify the complexity of the phenomenon by charting the different forms of labour exploitation.

presstv-activists review us human rights violations in tehran

saman kojouripress tv, tehrantehran has hosted a daylong international conference on “american human rights and hegemonic dialogue.” as experts believe the term human rights has become a tool in the hands of the us to push forward its own objectives across the globe.saman kojouri reports:

fossil footprints challenge established theories of human evolution

newly discovered human-like footprints from crete may put the established narrative of early human evolution to the test. the footprints are approximately 5.7 million years old and were made at a time when previous research puts our ancestors in africa - with ape-like feet.

un slams human rights record: what this means for australia

the un human rights committee says australia must stop rejecting refugees and change its migration laws in a scathing review of the country's human rights record. here's a snapshot of what that means. the united nations human rights committee released its recommendations from its review of australia...

un slams human rights record: what this means for australia

the un human rights committee says australia must stop rejecting refugees and change its migration laws in a scathing review of the country's human rights record. here's a snapshot of what that means. the united nations human rights committee released its recommendations from its review of australia...

the appalling mathematics of offshore detention

trading human lives for human misery is a difficult balancing act.

how a.i. will redefine human intelligence

machines aren’t just infiltrating the human world, they’re altering our perception of what people can do.