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trump's team struggles to wrest control of family separation saga

the surge in separations is a direct outgrowth of a "zero tolerance" border policy announced by attorney-general jeff sessions in april.children listen to speakers during an immigration family separation protest in phoenix, arizona, on monday. photo: apnielsen's role as the lead defender of the admi...

trump's family separation policy is 'insane'

copied!ohio's republican governor and fmr. 2016 competitor to donald trump joins to discuss the president's migrant family separation policy and politics in the age of trump.jun.19.2018

matthews on end of family separation policy: america wins, trump loses

copied!chris says trump didn’t flip on the family separation policy because of principle, it was because of “the images” were on his reality show presidency.jun.21.2018

family separation is 'barbaric,' 'national shame'

copied!sen. dianne feinstein on friday introduced a bill to halt family separation, even as trump kept falsely blaming democrats for it.jun.09.2018

'mass mobilization' planned against family separation

copied!rep. pramila jayapal announces rallies will be taking place june 30 across the country to protest the trump administration's family separation policy.jun.19.2018

sen. warren on family separation policy: it’s entirely on trump

copied!senator warren joins hardball to talk about the president’s family separation policy, saying that trump “is taking america to a dark and ugly place.”jun.19.2018

ceo of family leader criticizes family separation at the border

copied!bob vander plaats, american politician and president of the family leader, answers questions regarding his op-ed on migrant family separation: "keep the family together – either deport them together or let them stay together – but keep the family together," adding, “i think we’re seei...

multiple states sue trump admin to stop family separation policy

copied!rachel maddow reports on a lawsuit filed by washington state attorney general bob ferguson and joined by several other states to stop donald trump's migrant family separation policy.jun.22.2018

cohen resigns from rnc post, citing family separation policy

copied!according to abc news, cohen cited his ongoing legal troubles as a reason for his departure. however, in a resignation letter to rnc chairwoman ronna romney mcdaniel, cohen also took a shot at trump's family separation policy.jun.20.2018

trump's dhs chief pretends there is no family-separation policy

when top members of donald trump’s team add the word “period” to their most outlandish claims, it’s a safe bet they know they’re lying. the day after the president’s inauguration, for example, then-white house press secretary sean spicer angrily told reporters, “this was the largest au...

trump blames dems for family separation, tweets ‘change the laws’

copied!president trump is defending his new immigration policy while blaming the democrats for the separation of families at the border. julia ainsley and michelle brane join stephanie ruhle to discuss who this policy actually benefits.jun.18.2018

chris hayes questions gop rep. on family separation

copied!chris hayes talks to republican rep. mark meadows and democratic rep. john garamendi about the trump administration's policy of family separation at the border and a possible compromise bill that is expected to include a provision to end the policy.jun.14.2018

family separation and missing children

copied!as controversy grows over the trump administrations treatment of migrant children, stephanie ruhle takes a closer look at the two issues at play: family separation and missing children. weighing in: nbc’s kristen welker and immigration attorney and activist alida garcia.may.29.2018

reports: trump may end family separation through executive action, like he could

the trump administration has made extensive efforts to obscure the reality that the mass family separations currently taking place at the border are the result of its decision to prosecute all undocumented border crossings as criminal offenses rather than handling most of them in civil proceedings (...

democrat urges trump to 'pick up the phone' and stop family separation

copied!congressman ben ray lujan, democrat from new mexico and chairman of the dccc, reacts to news of family migrant separation and the trump administration's 'zero tolerance policy': "if the president is truly in charge, there’s nothing that stops him from picking up the phone and demanding this...

trump’s doj contradicts his claim that democrats are to blame for family separat

donald trump is eager to blame someone else for his administration’s brutal policy of separating immigrant children from their parents at the border. the president has repeatedly blamed democrats for the practice, declaring that “their law” requires a family separation policy and even tweeting...

call trump’s family separation what it is- sin

copied!bishop michael curry, who delivered an impassioned sermon about love at the royal wedding, and father james martin join lawrence to respond to donald trump's team using the bible to justify its cruelty towards children and families on the southern border.jun.19.2018

president trump challenges due process for migrants

copied!the government insists that everything is under control with president trump’s family separation policy; but the president also challenged due process for migrants who cross the border illegally, which would mean denying their constitutional right. former immigration judge paul schmidt join...

fact-checking dhs secretary on child separation press briefing

copied!nbc’s julia ainsley joins mtp daily to break down dhs secretary kirstjen nielsen’s press briefing on the trump administration’s family separation policy.jun.18.2018

democratic governor says both parties have to end family separation

copied!governor hickenlooper, democrat from colorado, questions gop reaction to the migrant family separation policy: “are we as a country willing to use children as pawns as a political strategy? why else would republicans condone this for so long and let it get to the point of being a crisis?"ju...

family separation is 'recipe for disaster'

copied!family separation plus strained facilities is a "recipe for disaster," says antar davidson, a former child detention center worker.jun.15.2018

'just embarrassing': trump team struggles...

former utah gov. jon huntsman has been named as trump's ambassador to russia, but the official announcement adds an 'h' to his first name. the panel discusses the spelling errors of the trump wh.

indian-american lawmakers slam trump's new order on family separation

indian-american lawmakers and rights activists have slammed us president donald trump for his new executive order that calls for indefinite detention of families who illegally enter the country even though it stopped the practice of separation of children from their parents. congresswoman pramila ja...

sessions: comparing family-separation policy, nazi germany is an 'exaggeration'

sen. dianne feinstein (d-calif.) talked to msnbc’s chris hayes about donald trump’s family-separation policy last night, and she used the kind of rhetoric we rarely hear from the longtime lawmaker.“this is the united states of america; it’s not nazi germany,” feinstein said. “we don’t ...

senate republicans want a bill to end family separation. democrats say trump sho

after spending their weekly luncheon discussing the family separation crisis on the border, senate republicans on tuesday said they are determined to draft a narrow, bipartisan piece of legislation to address the issue. senate democrats, however, view such negotiations as a trap, and said the proble...