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trump’s pardons of lawless fanatics are undermining the department of justice - Search

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what are president trump's pardons about -- justice, or himself?

copied!jeff jacobovitz, white collar criminal defense attorney, reacts to president trump's string of recent pardons, and possible ones to come: "what he could be setting up is pardons for his family, and ultimately himself," adding, "i think the process is out the door -- we're going straight to th...

trump’s pardons of lawless fanatics are undermining the department of justice

news that president donald trump has pardoned two cattle ranchers who committed arson on public lands should alarm anyone who is committed to our legal institutions, particularly federal law enforcement. on tuesday, trump pardoned dwight hammond jr. and his son, steven hammond, who were convicted on...

president trump calls on department of justice to look into claims of campaign i

copied!amid reports of a second trump tower meeting, president trump is calling for an investigation to the department of justice as to whether his campaign was infiltrated by the fbi or department of justice for political purposes.may.20.2018

donald trump, joe arpaio: history of presidential pardons

when president donald trump announced on friday that he is pardoning former maricopa county sheriff joe arpaio, who was convicted on july 31 of contempt of court for continuing use immigration-enforcement tactics that had been found by a judge to be discriminatory, he was taking part in a presidenti...

trump considering “thousands” of more pardons

copied!rev. al sharpton and siriusxm’s zerlina maxwell on trump considering thousands of more pardons including one for muhammad alijun.08.2018

trump pardons right wing pundit, says martha stewart may be next

trump also said he might commute the 14-year prison sentence of former illinois governor rod blagojevich, a democrat convicted of corruption charges, and was considering pardoning a woman convicted of a drug-related charge after reality tv star kim kardashian discussed the case with him on wednesday...

trump pardons right wing pundit, says martha stewart may be next

the us constitution gives the president the power to issue pardons, and trump sometimes has used this authority to benefit convicted figures revered by some on the political right such as former arizona sheriff joe arpaio and libby.conservative pundit dinesh d'souza, left, accompanied by his lawyer ...

trump, some in gop work to politicize rule of law

copied!the president this week is demanding the justice department investigate those who are investigating him. the panel discusses and reads from a new nyt editorial 'trump v. the department of justice.'may.22.2018

trump blasts california governor over latest immigrant pardons

us president donald trump has blasted california governor jerry brown for his pardon of five ex-convicts facing deportation, including two who fled the khmer rouge regime in cambodia with their families four decades a tweet on saturday, trump referred to brown as "moonbeam", referencing a nic...

trump's familiar attack on the doj continues

copied!president trump has attacked the justice department in the past, but is his demand for an investigation from deputy attorney general rod rosenstein going too far? two former employees of the justice department join to discuss.may.22.2018

trump fails to keep proper distance from justice department

former attorney general eric holder talks with rachel maddow about the necessity of a wall between the department of justice and the president and the risk donald trump takes by ignoring that particular tenet of american government.

what trump's pardons say about the president

copied!the washington post's ruth marcus joins a conversation on the president's web of pardons and what they mean.jun.01.2018

donald trump blasts california governor's immigrant pardons

(sacramento, calif.) — president donald trump blasted california gov. jerry brown on saturday for his pardon of five ex-convicts facing deportation, including two who fled the khmer rouge regime in cambodia with their families four decades a tweet , trump referred to brown as “moonbeam,...

trump now 'obsessed' with pardons: report

copied!the white house keeps hinting more pardons are on the way, and according to one report, the administration has already prepared the paperwork for at least 30 people.jun.07.2018

presstv-justice dept. to probe ‘infiltration’ of trump campaign

the us justice department has begun investigating whether the department or the fbi “infiltrated or surveilled” president donald trump’s election campaign.the department has asked its internal watchdog, the office of the inspector general, to expand its current inquiry into the surveillance of...

bob corker slams trump's calls for investigating democrats

tennessee sen. bob corker criticized president trump for urging the u.s. department of justice to go after democrats, saying it “erodes the american people’s confidence in our institutions.”the republican lawmaker, who has clashed with trump numerous times, including when he called the white h...

donald trump won't rule out michael flynn pardon

president trump refused to rule out a pardon for former national security advisor michael flynn friday.speaking to reporters shortly before an appearance at an fbi national academy graduation, trump said he did not want to address the possibility of a pardon for flynn, who pleaded guilty to lying to...

trump takes attacks on fbi, justice dept to alarming new level

for months, donald trump, with varying degrees of subtlety, has targeted the fbi and the justice department with public rebukes. this morning, with the president under investigation and feeling increasingly anxious, he abandoned any pretense of rhetorical limits.president donald trump – poised to ...

can trump’s pardons put him in legal jeopardy?

copied!president trump granted a full pardon to dinesh d’souza this week and says he is considering other similar moves. but could the president’s pardons end up backfiring on him? msnbc legal analyst mimi rocah and elizabeth holtzman, a former congresswoman who voted to impeach richard nixon, d...

trump directly interfering with his own investigation

copied!former department of justice spokesman matt miller speaks about his experience with the white houses' involvement with justice department affairs.may.24.2018

after memo release, democrats say republicans are “accomplices” in effort to obs

in a sign of how much everyone in washington was expecting the release of the controversial memo that claims to show abuses in the fbi’s surveillance of the trump presidential campaign, the democrats were ready with responses. and they didn’t mince words. president donald trump’s decision to g...

trump's controversial arpaio pardon faces new legal scrutiny

donald trump recently boasted that he enjoys “the complete power to pardon.” and at first blush, that sounds about right: the constitution says a sitting president “shall have power to grant reprieves and pardons for offenses against the united states.”it seems pretty straightforward. many m...

using the justice department to investigate trump's enemies

fbi agents are reportedly looking at the clinton foundation again, while two republican senators suggested the justice department consider whether the author of an explosive dossier alleging the president had been compromised by russia lied.

trump lawyer john dowd talked pardons for flynn & manafort

copied!the new york times and the washington post shed light on whether trump's former attorney john dowd floated the possibility of pardons for flynn and manafort. we discuss with two reporters who broke these stories.mar.29.2018

trump's former lawyer once discussed pardons for manafort and flynn

copied!the new york times reports that trump's former lawyer john dowd once discussed the idea of pardons for paul manafort and mike flynn. nyt reporter michael schmidt joins msnbc to explain his latest report.mar.28.2018