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touted law reform would have stopped me speaking out

hidden in a broader package of reforms tabled for consideration in nsw parliament last month was a zinger of a proposal that, if adopted, would represent a serious favour to the big end of town at the expense of the little man – in particular corporate whistleblowers.the nsw government has recomme...

blame lack of gun reform on political fear? gop. rep. says yes

copied!rep. charlie dent, r-pa., discusses immigration reform, the failure of a deal in the senate and gun reform legislation and why many politicians are beholden to their base.feb.16.2018

the republican tax plan is many things, but it's not 'tax reform'

for months, donald trump has  used “tax cuts” and “tax reform” interchangeably, because he apparently believes they mean the same thing. as far as the president is concerned, if republicans create massive tax breaks for the wealthy and big corporations, they’ve necessarily “reformed” ...

the atlantic daily: strictly speaking

china’s restrictions on north korea, tax reform’s progressive history, a french deradicalization program, and more

'stopped for no reason': calls for police to end 'racial profiling'

a new video shows young australians speaking out against alleged discriminatory policing, which they say sees them targeted because of the colour of their skin. a group of young people in victoria are speaking out against alleged racial profiling and discriminatory policing, which they claim sees th...

swedish police search for escaped murder suspect

the suspect, a 25-year-old male, was being transported from a psychiatric detention centre in gotherburg to salberga prison in sala when he escaped from a stopped transport vehicle at around 11:30am between finnerödja and laxå. “the car was stopped when it happened. why the car had stopped is un...

swedish police search for escaped murder suspect

the suspect, a 25-year-old male, was being transported from a psychiatric detention centre in gotherburg to salberga prison in sala when he escaped from a stopped transport vehicle at around 11:30am between finnerödja and laxå. “the car was stopped when it happened. why the car had stopped is un...

cynthia nixon says there's nothing 'inherently wrong' with stars entering politi

cynthia nixon stopped by the late show on wednesday to discuss her campaign to become new york's democratic candidate for governor, which has already caught significant press attention months before primary ballots will be stephen colbert started the conversation by joking about one of nix...

municipal workers attempt to storm administrative reform ministry | news

members of the union representing local authority workers (poe-ota) tried to storm the administrative reform ministry near the parliament building in athens thursday morning, protesting the government’s austerity policies and demanding permanent status for civil servants on short-term contracts.a ...

presstv-trump warns republicans not to defy him

the white house is warning conservative lawmakers to either follow us president donald trump’s agenda in the wake of a recent embarrassment over healthcare or face his disregard for them in future legislative fights.the warning was relayed sunday via white house chief of staff reince priebus.the t...

could a controversial bill sink criminal-justice reform in congress?

a debate over mens rea stalled the last push for reform. now, a similar battle could be brewing.

can trump's justice department undo police reform?

attorney general jeff sessions had indicated he would not make law-enforcement reform a priority, but new moves suggest he’ll try to reverse obama-era changes, too.

major crash investigating pedestrian hit by car in cannington

a perth man is in a serious condition in hospital after being run over by a car in east cannington on sunday evening. the 20-year-old was struck by a grey coloured holden captiva wagon around 6.30pm on gibbs street.  major crash are investigating a crash in east cannington overnight.  photo: g...

trevor noah has been stopped by police 8 to 10 times

after trevor noah criticized the nra for its silence regarding the fatal police shooting of philando castile, the daily show host turned to his own experience as a black man living in the united states.castile was shot last july during a traffic stop by a minnesota police officer who was last week a...

will congress reform criminal intent?

a debate over mens rea helped sink the last push for criminal-justice reform. now, a similar battle could be brewing in the senate.

ibc: the only way out is through

there is much concern about some developments in bankruptcy reform. in one transaction, the lenders got an abysmally low recovery rate. there is angst about promoters regaining control of defaulting companies at a low price. home buyers who have paid large advances to real estate companies are worri...

turnbull avoids 'contentious' us gun control debate during white house visit

prime minister malcolm turnbull has said he will not get involved in the gun control debate that is raging across the us since last week's florida high school shooting.speaking after meeting us president donald trump at the white house, mr turnbull said: “it’s not for me to get involved in a con...

g4 nations seek swift text-based negotiations for unsc reform

india, brazil, germany and japan have called for an immediate start of the text-based negotiations to reform the un security council, asserting that it was important to make the apex organ of the world body more reflective of the 21st century realities.speaking on behalf of the g4 nations, permanent...

'we need the president to actually have a spine' on immigration reform

copied!sen. jeff merkley (d-ore.) joins mtp daily to discuss what's happening in the senate on immigration reform and his recent trip to a detention facility in sheridan, oregon.jun.21.2018

presstv-eu reforms can change uk minds on brexit: tony blair

former uk prime minister tony blair has urged european union leaders to reform the eu so british people "change their mind" about brexit, saying britain will lose its influence if it exits the bloc.speaking at the european policy centre in brussels on thursday, blair argued that if "comprehensive" i...

students' marching for gun reform is the start of a movement

copied!senator richard blumenthal of connecticut witnessed some of the student walkouts for gun reform today. he says that these kids are creating a social movement with the potential to spark change.mar.14.2018

students across u.s. walk out of class to advocate for gun reform

copied!rachel maddow shares scenes from around the country of students marching in protest for gun reform legislation on the 19th anniversary of the columbine high school gun massacre.apr.21.2018

nra, trump on defense as students lead the charge for gun reform

copied!nicolle wallace, wapo’s ashley parker & ap’s jill colvin discuss the response from trump & the nra to the ongoing gun reform push led by student activistsfeb.22.2018

'i'm confident' compromise immigration bill will have enough votes

copied!rep denham (r-calif.) talks to chuck about a possible immigration reform bill and the steps he will take to ensure some kind of reform happensjun.20.2018

how to find common ground on gun reform

copied!two teachers and eight students were killed friday when 17-year-old dimitrios pagourtzis opened fire at santa fe high school in texas. mariana atencio reports on the latest details and the panel discusses chances for gun reform.may.21.2018