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presstv-the declining trust in the modern world

sadly, in almost all areas of our lives trust is declining. we are becoming less trustful of each other.not only are people losing trust in each other, but trust in four main global institutions such as the media, government, businesses and ngo's continues to decline all over the world. that's acco...

the blockchain does not eliminate the need for trust

a common idea about the blockchain, the technology that powers bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies, is that it can "create trust", or allow two parties to make a transaction "without relying on trust".

how companies can restore trust after ceo misconduct

a new study published today in the journal of trust research reveals how boards of directors can proactively address ceo misconduct to increase public trust towards an organization.

donald trump: more people trust cnn than the president

while donald trump has recently bashed cnn on twitter, a new poll has found that more americans actually trust the network more than the president.overall, 50% of adults said they trust cnn more than trump, compared to 43% of adults who said they trust the president more than cnn, according to a pol...

differences in levels of trust and power can affect buyer-supplier performance

mutual trust does not appear on the ledger sheets of buyers and suppliers, but researchers suggest that levels of trust between companies may be an important influence on how they operate and perform.

what is a blockchain? - gary explains

if you have heard of bitcoin or any of the other cryptocurrencies, then you have probably heard the word blockchain or the term “blockchain technology”. but what is it? how does it apply to digital currencies? does it have other uses? how does it work? please, let me explain!the biggest global b...

the dutch are more likely to trust each other and dutch institutions: cbs

photo: depositphotos.comthe dutch developed more trust in both institutions and each other over the past year but the church remains bottom of the list, the national statistics office cbs said on monday.the police are held in highest regard, with 74.5% of the population saying they trust the men and...

a q&a with paul j. zak

​do your colleagues trust each other? it turns out that the answer to that question is in their blood. paul j. zak was the first to discover a link between trust and the neurochemical oxytocin, a substance that is made in the brain and released into the bloodstream. in his new book, trust factor: ...

are some cultures less trusting than others?

nobel laureate kenneth arrow once described trust as a "lubricant of a social system". economic exchange, in particular, is virtually impossible without at least some level of trust. while markets, shops and online traders attempt to reduce uncertainty through customer reviews or free returns polici...

differences in levels of trust and power can affect buyer-supplier performance

mutual trust does not appear on the ledger sheets of buyers and suppliers, but researchers suggest that levels of trust between companies may be an important influence on how they operate and perform."in business settings, we tend to believe that the more that a business trusts the other, that busin...

don't blindly trust google maps: know why they aren't authentic

press trust of india  |  new delhi  june 23, 2017 last updated at 16:16 ist

why more young married couples are keeping separate bank accounts

it doesn’t signal a lack of trust—to some, it’s a way for spouses to show they trust each other more.

millennials can't trust robots; corruption is their biggest worry: survey

press trust of india  |  new delhi  august 28, 2017 last updated at 22:42 ist

trust nation's soldiers, can hit terrorists on home soil: rajnath singh

press trust of india  |  jaipur  may 9, 2017 last updated at 17:14 ist

hunting to continue on national trust land after members’ vote

a proposal to ban trail-hunting on national trust land has been defeated.members of the national trust voted yesterday (saturday, 21 october) at the organisation’s agm in swindon on the subject. the result saw 30,985 vote against the resolution, while 30,686 voted in favour of it.polly portwin, he...

cm nitish kumar reaches bihar assembly ahead of 11 am trust vote

press trust of india  |  patna  july 28, 2017 last updated at 10:44 ist

why business has a trust problem

the past three edelman surveys have shown a moderate trust shift from institutions to individuals, albeit of a low base. that probably explains more why ceos and chairmen are speaking up; their spin-doctors have told them trust is increasingly based on individuals, so they need to be seen and heard ...

mulayam expels akhilesh loyalist ram gopal from lohia trust secy post

press trust of india  |  lucknow  last updated at september 21, 2017 19:37 ist

how much would you trust an autonomous vehicle?

using a simulator, for now, uva researchers are probing the factors that lead people to feel more or less comfortable with letting go of the steering wheel. credit: dan addison, university communicationswould you trust a car that does the driving for you? do you trust the adaptive cruise control ava...

desolate elliniko | comment |

the economy is in dire need of stability and trust, and yet many players who ought to pursue these goals seem indifferent to them. from the beginning it was clear that greece’s crisis was not about debt alone, it was also political and remains, above all, a crisis of trust: the state d...

microsoft build 2017: satya nadella insists on building trust in technology

press trust of india  |  seattle  may 10, 2017 last updated at 23:13 ist

india grid trust's rs 2,250-cr ipo oversubscribed 1.17 times

press trust of india  |  new delhi  may 19, 2017 last updated at 16:51 ist

alexa, check my security settings

do you trust the internet of things? more to the point, do you trust "alexa" the voice-activated software in the amazon echo and related iot devices? there is not necessarily any particular reason not to trust alexa and amazon, although one must always remember that data held by any company on its s...

military most trusted in india; govt officials, parties take back seats

in india, the army enjoys the highest level of “effective trust”, followed by the supreme court (sc) and the high courts (hc), according to a 2018 study. political parties were at the bottom in a list of 16 elected and non-elected institutions and offices.the study, covering eight states by azim...

do we trust banks? we're going to know soon

australian banks look set to publicly report on how much their customers trust them, a move designed to give greater transparency to the industry's bid to repair its battered reputation.former auditor-general ian mcphee, who has overseen the banks' attempt to address a "trust deficit", will on tuesd...