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is this cow celebration sweden's weirdest tradition?

a lot of happy cows. photo: miriam bademiriam [email protected] 4 may 2017 11:45 cest+02:00 once a year, swedes and sweden's cows alike celebrate the 'kosläpp' – the first day the animals are released onto the fields after winter. the local contributor miriam bade visited one of the events to ...

in pictures: cherry blossoms in kungsträdgården, stockholm

cherry blossoms in kungsträdgården, stockholm. photo: miriam bademiriam [email protected] 13 april 2017 15:01 cest+02:00 you know it's spring in stockholm when the cherry blossoms are in bloom. stockholm may not be as famous for its cherry blossoms as japan, but after a long and dark nordic win...

ibrahimovic uk's second richest sportsman

zlatan ibrahimovic. file photo: jonas ekströmer/ttafp/the [email protected] 6 may 2017 14:23 cest+02:00 formula one star lewis hamilton has cemented his position as the richest sportsman in the uk, while manchester united forward zlatan ibrahimovic cashed in with a rise to second on the new sun...