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modern football, where words are weapons

one thing you notice about the women's football league is the innocence of its players as public speakers. it translates into straightforward football talk relative to the men, who, as of march, have already begun to infiltrate the airwaves and the psyche of this town with their familiar footy langu...

stephen coniglio injured as gws giants notch big win over north melbourne

gws 0.4.2 0.5.7 1.11.12 2.15.16 (125)north melbourne 0.3.4 0.6.9 0.8.13 0.12.15 (87) bruising affair: matthew kennedy of the giants is challenged by jarrad waite of the kangaroos. photo: matt kinggoals - gws: smith (super goal), wilson (super goal), greene 5, cameron 3, smith 3, ward 2, coniglio, p...