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russian bots descend on twitter after parkland school shooting

copied!wired senior writer erin griffith and nbc news national political reporter mike memoli break down how russia-linked online trolls are using a deadly tragedy to sow discord.feb.17.2018

pro-gun russian bots flood twitter after parkland shooting

each new breaking news situation is an opportunity for trolls to grab attention, provoke emotions, and spread propaganda. the russian government knows this. fake-news manufacturing teenagers in macedonia know this. twitter bot creators know this. and thanks to data-gathering operations from groups l...

two brother’s texts during the parkland school shooting

copied!msnbc's ali velshi shares a series of texts exchanged by two brothers, students, during the parkland, florida, school shooting.feb.16.2018

mayor of parkland, florida speaks about school shooting

copied!parkland mayor christine hunschofsky speaks about the school shooting that took place in a local high school.feb.14.2018

parkland school shooting: gun control demands intensify

copied!the parkland school shooting has inspired students, activists and more to intensify demands for common sense gun control. will the american people rise up and vote against nra-backed members of congress? joy reid and her panel discuss.feb.17.2018

parkland, florida shooting victims remembered

copied!msnbc's ali velshi remembers the 17 victims killed in the mass shooting in parkland, florida, at marjory stoneman douglas high school and two teachers give an emotional account of their experience.feb.16.2018

parkland, florida school shooting was 18th shooting of 2018

wednesday’s school shooting at marjory stoneman douglas high school in parkland, fla., was the 18th school shooting of 2018 — a year that’s not even two months old.while many of these incidents — including the most recent before wednesday’s shooting, one on feb. 8 at new york city’s metr...

trump tweets on upcoming trip to parkland, florida

copied!kristen welker analyzes trump's tweet on his upcoming travels to parkland, florida and how he fails to discuss gun safety laws after the mass school shooting at marjory stoneman douglas high school.feb.16.2018

jimmy kimmel gets emotional during gun-control monologue

jimmy kimmel addressed the deadly school shooting that killed 17 in parkland, flor. on wednesday (feb. 14) in an emotional opening monologue on thursday's (feb. 15) jimmy kimmel live!"welcome back to the show. natalie portman, kyrie irving, and nick foles are on the way, but first – as i’m sure ...

presstv-2 killed, several injured in florida school shooting

at least two people have been killed and several others injured in a shooting at a high school in the us state of florida.the wednesday shooting occurred at marjory stoneman douglas high school, sending at least 14 people to hospitals in parkland.police took a suspect into custody, announcing that ...

fbi admits it ignored tip that parkland gunman might commit school shooting

the fbi has admitted it mishandled a tip it received before the shooting in parkland, florida, warning that nikolas cruz might carry out a school shooting. in a statement friday, authorities admitted the fbi received a tip from someone “close to” cruz in january expressing concern about “cruz...

gunman in custody after 'numerous fatalities' at high school in parkland

"it's a horrific situation, it's just a horrible day for us."the school superintendent said the alleged shooter was a former student of the school, and there was no evidence there had been more than one shooter."we're going to do whatever we can to come together as a community and pull through this,...

florida shooting survivors demand gun control in parkland

a rally held on saturday, days after a deadly school shooting in parkland, fla., drew a crowd of thousands and prompted impassioned pleas for gun control.the rally was held in front of the federal courthouse in fort lauderdale, about 25 miles from parkland’s marjory stoneman douglas high school, w...

sen. nelson on school shooting: 'south florida is hurting'

copied!nbc's chuck todd interviews sen. bill nelson about the school shooting in parkland, florida.feb.14.2018

florida school shooting: families yet to learn news of victims as 17 confirmed d

at least 17 people have died after a shooter opened fire with a semi-automatic rifle at a high school in florida.the shooting took place at marjory stoneman douglas high school in parkland, a city in the southern part of the state between boca raton and fort lauderdale, in broward county.the suspect...

trump addresses florida high school shooting: watch online

president donald trump will address the nation thursday in the wake of the country’s deadliest school shooting since the 2012 rampage at sandy hook elementary school.wednesday’s shooting at marjory stoneman douglas high school in parkland, fla., which was allegedly carried out by an expelled for...

twitter bots for good: study reveals how information spreads on social media

after an election year marked by heated exchanges and the distribution of fake news, twitter bots earned a bad reputation—but not all bots are bad, suggests a new study co-authored by emilio ferrara, a usc information sciences institute computer scientist and a research assistant professor at the ...

the atlantic politics & policy daily: after another shooting

in the aftermath of the high school shooting in parkland, florida, president trump stressed the need to address mental-health issues, but did not touch on gun laws.

britney spears, fifth harmony & more respond to florida shooting

at least 17 people were killed wednesday (feb. 14) in a parkland, florida high school shooting. the suspect, former student nikolas cruz who had been previously expelled from the school, is in custody.according to cnn, investigators believe cruz pulled the fire alarm to lure people out of their cla...

survivors of parkland school shooting share harrowing stories

copied!tammy leitner, reporter for nbc news, talks with rachel maddow about the stories she has learned from survivors of the shooting at marjory stoneman douglas high school, with students cowering in corners and texting family outside.feb.15.2018

thousands mourn the victims of the florida school shooting

thousands of grieving students, family members and school staff joined a candlelight vigil thursday night for the victims of a mass shooting at marjory stoneman douglas high school in parkland, florida.seventeen people were killed and 16 injured wednesday, when the suspected shooter, 19-year-old nik...

sen. chris murphy reacts to florida school shooting

copied!sen. chris murphy of connecticut, who represents sandy hook, talks about his anger about congress' inaction on gun violence in the wake of another school shooting in parkland, florida.feb.15.2018

show the carnage

on wednesday, a 19-year-old in parkland, florida, entered his former high school and opened fire with a semi-automatic rifle, killing 17 people and injuring 14 others. it was the seventh school shooting to result in injury or death in 2018, giving the united states one such shooting for each week of...

17 people dead in school shooting

copied!florida sheriff scott israel confirms that 17 people are dead as a result of the school shooting in parkland, florida.feb.14.2018

florida shooting: parkland was named state's safest city

parkland, florida — the city where a gunman killed 17 people at marjory stoneman douglas high school on wednesday — was named the safest city in the state last year by a trade association.the national council for home safety and security placed parkland at the top of its 2017 list of florida’s...