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preventing the misdiagnosis of cellulitis

study finds that early dermatology consultation for presumptive cellulitis can improve patient outcomes, reduce costs and reduce unnecessary hospitalization. cellulitis - a bacterial infection of the skin - is a common medical condition, yet there is no diagnostic tool for it currently available. th...

h&h question of the week: cellulitis — how do i get rid of it?

rick farr of farr & pursey equine vets shares his expert advice on how to clear up cellulitis in horses q: cellulitis: “i’m losing the will to live with my gelding’s cellulitis, and wondered if you have any advice on how to get rid of it please? he’s now had it for about four weeks and the v...

cellulitis in horses: how to treat this stubbon problem

rick farr of farr & pursey equine vets shares his expert advice on how to clear up cellulitis in horses q: cellulitis in horses: “i’m losing the will to live with my gelding’s cellulitis, and wondered if you have any advice on how to get rid of it please? he’s now had it for about four weeks...

women shouldn't have to thank doctors for believing them

american tv personality maria menounos stunned fans when she announced last month that she was in recovery from surgery for a nonmalignant brain tumour, which she discovered while her mother was battling brain cancer. perhaps most surprising was how quickly menounos was treated. she explained to peo...

teenager kate mccartin was misdiagnosed with a serious condition, but died of an

the family of a central coast girl who died in 2013 after her leukemia went undiagnosed while she was incorrectly treated for another serious condition is suing a hospital and nsw government pathology service for negligence.kate mccartin, 18, of east gosford, was misdiagnosed with a form of non-hodg...

presstv-intl. day for preventing the exploitation of the environment in war and

amir mehdi kazemipress tv, tehrana group of iranian officials and foreign diplomats as well as representatives of international organizations took part in a ceremony in tehran to mark the international day for preventing the exploitation of the environment in war and armed conflict. this year the fo...

a radical proposal for preventing rare genetic diseases

opinion: prevention is the best cure, even for rare genetic diseases. the post a radical proposal for preventing rare genetic diseases appeared first on wired.

wild grape yeast could be more effective than pesticides in preventing grape mol

researchers have identified a wild yeast that is more effective than a pesticide at preventing common grape molds. the yeast strain is one of many found on wild grapes, as well as a smaller number found on farmed grapes, that can inhibit common grape molds. the study, published today in open-access ...

the middle east is nearing an explosion

fear is the one thing preventing it—but could also precipitate it.

std treatment for two? | eurekalert! science news

ann arbor, mich.- in some states, patients who test positive for chlamydia or gonorrhea leave the clinic with not only a prescription for themselves, but also one for their sexual partner -- who was not seen by a doctor.thirty-eight states allow this public health measure known as expedited partner ...

the atlantic daily: hope will come next

mueller’s indictment, preventing shootings, olympic achievement, and more

should the government guarantee everyone a job?

an old idea for preventing poverty and fighting recessions is gaining traction once again.

new blood thinner better at preventing recurrent blood clots than aspirin

image: an international study of 3,396 patients with venous thromboembolism in 31 countries shows that the blood thinner rivaroxaban is just as safe as aspirin and more effective at preventing blood... view more credit: the ottawa hospitalan international research team with prominent canadian leade...

бьюти-находки и сюрпризы недели: маска kiehl’s, текстурная глина moroccanoil и а

1. сухой шампунь strength&shine, batiste 2. текстурная глина texture clay, moroccanoil 3. увлажняющая и успокаивающая маска calendula & aloe soothing hydration masque, kiehl’s4. крем-гель для умывания с водой «о...

wine store mafia preventing opening of msil liquor outlets: oppn mlas

a new type of mafia has raised its ugly head in karnataka - the 'wine store mafia'.the 'wine store mafia' came up for discussion in the legislative assembly on tuesday and members of the opposition parties felt that this powerful private lobby has been preventing the opening of government-run mysore...

is 'self-restraint' really all that's stopping a war with north korea?

the potential for catastrophic consequences is much more important than forbearance in preventing war.

hacker-proof coding

software verification helps find the faults, preventing hacks.

new study finds improved vaccine that protects against nine types of hpv

tampa, fla. (sept. 6, 2017) - cervical cancer is the second most common cause of cancer-related death worldwide, with almost 300,000 deaths occurring each year. more than 80 percent of these deaths occur in developing nations. the advent of human papillomavirus (hpv) vaccines has significantly reduc...

in a bad flu season, high-dose flu vaccine appeared better at preventing deaths

the high-dose flu vaccine appeared to be more effective at preventing post-influenza deaths among older adults than the standard-dose vaccine, at least during a more severe flu season, according to a large new study of medicare beneficiaries published in the journal of infectious diseases. the findi...

hiv-preventing vaginal ring found safe for teenage girls: researchers

ians  |  new york  july 26, 2017 last updated at 04:53 ist

another school shooting—but who’s counting?

seventeen people were killed in an attack on wednesday. america’s inability to track gun violence is standing in the way of preventing the next one.

fear of cyber attacks preventing govt from allowing wi-fi on planes

press trust of india  |  new delhi  july 9, 2017 last updated at 19:59 ist

sc bats for data regime

the supreme court on thursday asked the government to set up a robust regime for ensuring data protection in view of dangers to privacy in a digital era.the court said threats to privacy can originate not only from the state but even from “non-state actors” as individuals are constantly generati...

ectoparasites of sheep: sheep scab

ectoparasites of sheep: sheep scab, dr ruth wonfor: ibers, aberystwyth university take home messages: sheep scab is caused by mites which live on the skin of the sheep, causing lesions, severe itching, loss of wool and ultimately a loss in production. all sheep with scab must be treated, but a co...

here's why a man died after swimming with a new tattoo

you would never think that going for a swim after getting a tattoo could kill you. but that's what happened to one man, and his story highlights the scary infection risk associated with getting inked that many of us blow off.shortly after getting a new tattoo on his calf, the unidentified 31-year-ol...