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presstv-kashmir shuts down, as india marks independence day

shahana buttpress tv, kashmira symbolic protest shut down is being observed in indian-administered kashmir on the occasion of india's independence day. meanwhile the indian prime minister says kashmir dispute should be resolved peacefully by embracing the people of the region.

presstv-kashmir marks "black day" on india's independence day

syed ali safvipress tv, indian-controlled kashmirwhile india has celebrated its independence day on tuesday, people in kashmir have marked what they call the black day. residents in the disputed region are outraged at the indian government for the deadly crackdown against protests seeking freedom an...

presstv-kashmir marks pro-independence leader’s death anniv.

shahana buttpress tv, indian-controlled kashmir indian-controlled kashmir has observed a shutdown to mark the death anniversary of 2 of its pro-independence leaders. mirwaiz maulvi farooq and abdul gani lone were assassinated by unknown assailants on may 21 in 1990 and 2002 respectively. indian forc...

presstv-india marks 70th independence anniversary

sanjay sethipress tv, new delhiaugust 15 marks the70th anniversary of india’s independence from britain. prime minister narendra modi has made a speech in new delhi to mark the event.

presstv-kashmir shuts down to protest killing of pro-freedom commander

shahana buttpress tv, indian-controlled kashmira funeral has been held in indian-controlled kashmir for slain pro-independence commander sabzar ahmad bhat. he was killed in a gun battle with indian security forces on friday night. the funeral was held despite a curfew by new delhi to prevent anti-in...

presstv-‘india’s kashmir ceasefire, futile move’

shahana buttpress tv, kashmirpeople in indian-controlled kashmir have welcomed a unilateral ceasefire by india. pro-independence leaders, however, describe it as a futile move and call for a permanent solution to the kashmir issue.

presstv-indian forces kill three more people in kashmir

kashmiri villagers surround the body of an anti-india fighter during his funeral at batmurran kellar village in shopian on december 19, 2017. (photo by afp)a woman has been killed during anti-india protests in disputed kashmir following a gun battle that killed two pro-independence fighters. the fig...

presstv-kashmir remembers slain leaders amid restrictions

syed ali safvipress tv, indian-controlled kashmirrestrictions are tight in indian-controlled kashmir, as the region marks the death anniversary of two pro-independence leaders who were secretly hanged and buried by new delhi years ago. protests have taken place despite the crackdown, with protesters...

presstv-strike in kashmir on first anniv. of burhan wani

syed ali safvipress tv, indian-controlled kashmirtension is running high in indian-controlled kashmir as the restive region marks the first anniversary of the killing of a popular pro-independence fighter who was shot dead by the indian army. as press tv’s syed ali safvi reports, security has been...

presstv-may 21; kashmir marks assassination anniversary of two pro freedom leade

shahana butt press tv, kashmirin indian-controlled kashmir authorities impose curfew-like restrictions on residents to foil a planned march by pro-independence groups. the government has also placed the groups’ leaders under house arrest. 

presstv-‘three pakistani soldiers killed by indian fire’

pakistan’s military says three soldiers have been killed in the disputed kashmir region by indian fire across the line of control.pakistan’s military said in a statement on tuesday that the three had been killed monday in rawalakot in kashmir.the statement described the cross-border firing as ...

presstv-fighting kills 7 in indian-controlled kashmir

fierce clashes between indian security forces and a group of pro-independence fighters in restive indian-controlled kashmir have left at least seven people dead.according to army spokesman colonel rajesh kalia, the shootout occurred on saturday when soldiers cordoned off a district in the northern...

presstv-indian soldier killed in kashmir

one indian trooper has been killed by suspected militants along the line of control (loc), a de facto borderline that divides the disputed kashmir region between india and pakistan.according to a statement released by the indian army, a shootout occurred early on thursday, when three suspected milit...

presstv-kashmir shut by pro-independence call

shahana buttpress tv, indian-controlled kashmirprotests have been held in different parts of the indian-administered kashmir following the shooting to death of a civilian and two pro-independence fighters by indian forces.

presstv-huge anti-india protests erupt in kashmir

thousands of protesters hit the streets to demand an end to india's rule over kashmir in the indian-controlled kashmiri district of shopian on sunday, amid fierce clashes between pro-independence militants and indian government forces.massive anti-india protests erupted in the southern part of kashm...

presstv-indian kashmir shut by strike, curfew after bloodshed

people have staged a strike in indian-controlled kashmir, parts of which remain under curfew, a day after deadly anti-new delhi protests and clashes between the army and pro-independence militants.most of indian-administered kashmir was shuttered on monday due to the indian army’s clampdown and th...

presstv-kashmir protests killing of pro-independence fighters

shahana buttpress tv, indian-controlled kashmirthe killing of three pro-independence fighters by indian security forces in indian-controlled kashmir has triggered protests and a strike in the region. authorities have closed schools and imposed a curfew in some areas of kashmir's main city, srinagar....

presstv-day of accession to india marked as ‘black day’ in kashmir

shahana butt press tv, kashmirpeople in indian-controlled kashmir are marking the 70th anniversary of the region’s accession to india by shutting down their businesses. authorities have imposed temporary restrictions across the himalayan valley to prevent protests called by pro-independence group...

presstv-anti-india protests erupt in kashmir amid deadly clashes

thousands of protesters hit the streets to demand an end to india's rule over kashmir in the indian-controlled kashmiri district of shopian on sunday, amid fierce clashes between pro-independence militants and indian government forces.massive anti-india protests erupted in the southern part of kashm...

the making of kashmir's tragedy

kashmir in conflict india, pakistan and the unending war victoria schofield viva books 318 pages; rs 695 in kashmir in conflict, victoria schofield, a british writer specialising in south asia, begins by focusing on the tense weeks preceding and following india’s independence, and goes on to discu...

presstv-india's peace talk offer fails to strike a chord in kashmir

syed ali safvipress tv, indian-controlled kashmirin a rare move, india proposes talks with pro-independence groups in indian-controlled kashmir. kashmiri groups take the proposal with a pinch of salt. press tv's syed ali safvi has spoken to different political parties to get their reaction.

presstv-india’s republic day a ‘black day’ for kashmiri people

shahana buttpress tv, kashmirindian-controlled kashmir is observing a protest shutdown as india marks its 69th republic day. kashmiris say the strike is a symbolic representation of the region’s continued occupation by india.

presstv-kashmiris observe black day

kamran yousafpress tv, islamabadpeople of kashmir, living on both sides of the de facto border between pakistan and india, have marked black day. seventy years ago, on this day, india sent tens of thousands of troops to kashmir. it has been holding on to the territory ever since. kashmir is claimed ...

presstv-kashmir shuts to protest indian premier's visit

syed ali safvipress tv, indian-controlled kashmirindian prime minister narendra modi was on a day-long visit to the disputed region of kashmir on saturday. but the visit was greeted with strikes and shutdown. press tv's syed ali safvi has the story from kashmir.

presstv-civilian casualties source or concern in kashmir

shahana buttpress tv, kashmirindian-controlled kashmir is observing a yet another shutdown in protest at the deadly crackdown on residents by security forces. a number of kashmiris were killed indian troops on wednesday when people took to the street in support of kashmir’s pro-independence fighters.