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presstv-france government keeps targeting bds supporters

ramin mazaheripress tv, parisfrance continues to crack down on supporters of the boycott, divestment and sanctions campaign against israel. once again they are prosecuting a bds activist in order to intimidate pro-palestinian supporters into silence. ramin mazaheri has more from paris. 

presstv-france makes state of emergency ‘permanent’

ramin mazaheripress tv, parisfrench lawmakers have approved an anti-terrorism bill which rights group warn will hurt civil liberties by targeting muslims and unraveling social cohesion. the government-backed legislation will boost the power of security agencies to search and restrict people’s move...

presstv-‘us, france mulling over new military action against syria’

the us is considering new military strikes against syrian government positions, while france is keen to support such an operation, diplomatic sources say.a diplomatic source close to the syrian opposition told the middle east eye (mee) news portal on thursday that some in the us administration are ...

presstv-trump supporters, protesters in streets

© ruptlyboth pro- and anti-trump supporters lined the streets of springfield, missouri, wednesday, as us president donald trump visited the town to give a speech about tax reform to workers and supporters.

presstv-spike in france unemployment rate

ramin mazaheripress tv, parisin france, the government of president emmanuel macron has been grappling with the issue of unemployment since he took power in may. but new figures show about 40,000 people lost their jobs last month alone. the surge in unemployment rate comes ahead of the government’...

presstv-calexit supporters march for california independence

scores of supporters of the calexit campaign have marched through sacramento, calling for the independence of california and the state's "divorce" from the us.calexit supporters rallied in front of the california state capitol before marching towards the department of justice building.(source: ruptly)

presstv-germany, france at odds over eu reforms

ramin mazaheripress tv, pariswith the german government brought back to stability, france has put the long-running question of eu reforms back on the table. the two nations' leaders met in paris, but france's proposed changes appeared to get a frosty welcome from the german side. press tv correspond...

presstv-us airstrikes kill 14 civilians in syria’s raqqah

the us-led coalition allegedly battling terrorism in syria has killed at least 14 civilians in airstrikes on raqqah.according to syria's official news agency, sana, us warplanes carried out raids on the city’s al-naim region on monday, claiming that they were targeting members of the daesh terr...

presstv-beijing's fire safety blitz forces exodus of poor

heavy demolition machinery has begun tearing down buildings in beijing's daxing district, even as residents, under the gaze of heavy police and security, gathered the last of their belongings and filed out, dragging trolley bags behind them.mass evictions due to a citywide fire safety inspection bli...

presstv-qalibaf addresses supporters in qom

iran's presidential candidate, mohammad-baqer qalibaf, addresses his supporters in the holy city of qom on april 24, 2017.

kerala ministers visit sringeri mutt chief

two days after a cpm minister in kerala took a stand against extending special treatment to a religious head at a government function, two ministers of his party have visited the seer, opening a series of social media memes targeting the “hypocrisy”.finance minister t m thomas isaac and pwd mini...

presstv-two years after attacks, insecurity rampant in france

ramin mazaheripress tv, parisfrance has marked the two-year anniversary of deadly attacks by daesh which killed 130 people. the government's immediate declaration of a temporary state of emergency has now become permanent. many believe this decision has changed france more than the isolated terror a...

presstv-fuel strikes start in france against macron's austerity decrees

ramin mazaheripress tv, parissocial unrest continues to boil in france, with gasoline shortages looming as unions have begun to block fuel depots. the government has targeted the power of unions, and many say this could be the start of a major showdown.

presstv-rouhani meets supporters in tabriz

iran’s 12th presidential election candidate, hassan rouhani, attends a gathering of his supporters in the northwestern city of tabriz just a few days ahead of the country's presidential polls on may 19.

presstv-rouhani meets with supporters in isfahan

iran’s 12th presidential election candidate, hassan rouhani, attends a gathering of his supporters in the central city of isfahan just a few days ahead of the country's presidential poll on may 19.

presstv-raeisi meets supporters in karaj

a candidate in iran’s 12th presidential election, seyyed ebrahim raeisi, has attended a gathering of his supporters in city of karaj just a few days ahead of the country's presidential polls on may 19.

presstv-france deeply divided as ugly race winds down

french centrist emmanuel macron sought to cement his frontrunner status friday on the last day of campaigning for the weekend's election run-off after a bruising and divisive macron and far-right anti-immigration candidate marine le pen have offered starkly different visions for fr...

presstv-qalibaf addresses supporters in khorramabad

iran's presidential candidate and the mayor of tehran, mohammad baqer qalibaf, attends a meeting with his supporters in the western city of khorramabad ahead of the country's 12th presidential election on may 19.

presstv-qalibaf meets supporters in rasht

iran’s 12th presidential election candidate, mohammad baqer qalibaf, attends a gathering of his supporters in the northern city of rasht just a few days ahead of the country's presidential poll on may 19.

presstv-macron unveils plan to cut 2018 budget

ramin mazaheripress tv, parismany in france are upset about the government’s decision to bow to a court order to re-pay 10 billion euros in taxes to corporate stockholders. while france's stock market continues to set record highs, 5 billion euros will now be cut from social services, in the lates...

french farmers, breeders demand action against wolves

french livestock breeders say wolves are a growing threat to their animalshundreds of farmers, shepherds and politicians rallied in aveyron, southern france, on saturday calling for action to halt the slaughter of livestock by packs of wolves. the demonstrators gathered more than 3,000 sheep, about ...

presstv-the true trump

many of president trump’s most dedicated supporters say their lives changed on election night. they suddenly felt like their views were actually respected and in the majority. but less than one month into trump’s term, many of his supporters say they once again feel under attack — perhaps even...

presstv-qalibaf addresses supporters in tehran

mayor of tehran mohammad baqer qalibaf addresses a large group of his supporters in tehran ahead of the country's 12th presidential poll.

presstv-yemeni army threatens to target saudi, emirati airbases

mohammed al-attabpress tv, sana'asaudi warplanes have again bombed yemen, this time targeting a civilian area in sa’ada province. the attack comes as the yemeni army says it is now capable of targeting saudi and emirati bases from where air raids on yemen are launched.

presstv-qalibaf supporters gather in tehran

supporters of tehran mayor and a presidential candidate, mohammad baqer qalibaf, hold a gathering in the iranian capital, tehran, just a few days ahead of the country's 12th presidential polls on may 19.