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abolish the lords | british politics

it’s easy to laugh off the farcical nature of this by-election. it’s a bit of an anomaly, and those who do become hereditary peers tend to be dithering and useless. lord palmer, a hereditary peer since 1990, summed up the intellectual prowess of his aristocratic peers when he smugly declared tha...

lords peerages ‘to be limited to 15 years’

newly awarded peerages will be subject to a 15-year limit as part of a plan to “shrink the house of lords”, according to information obtained by the times.see related the pros and cons of the house of lordsthe lord speaker’s committee will publish a report last this month that explores method...

how long must they lord it over democracy and press freedom? | british politics

but what could such upstanding pillars of respectable society as members of the lords possibly have to hide?plenty, it seems. last year the mirror revealed that some peers had collectively claimed £400,000 in expenses without ever speaking in the chamber, with tales of one leaving a taxi meter runn...

indian pharma companies under pressure on bourses, mnc peers fare better

at a time when indian pharmaceutical companies are under pressure on stock exchanges, many of their multinational (mnc) peers are performing much better. abbott india, for instance, scaled to its 52-week high last week, while pfizer did so in the latter half of november. even for others like sanofi ...

children at sweden's gender-neutral preschools more likely to play with both boy

file photo of swedish preschool children. photo: hasse holmberg/tt children are less likely to gender stereotype and more open to socializing with peers of the opposite sex if they attend a gender-neutral preschool, a new swedish study shows. the study, carried out by uppsala university's child and ...

fewer poor performing super funds – but banks still worst offenders

the latest annual report on 'fat cat' superannuation and managed funds by online investment platform, stockspot, shows an 18 per cent fall in the number of poor-value funds from last year.however, funds owned by the big banks and amp continue to dominate the ranks of the fat cats with high fees ...

watch: lord bates stuns house of lords by resigning for lateness

lords bates shocked fellow peers yesterday by apologising for his late arrival with an attempt to resign from his government post.the minister in department for international development (dfid) was scheduled to answer a question on income inequality from labour peer baroness lister at 3pm on wednesd...

how black girls aren’t presumed to be innocent

a new study finds that adults view them as less child-like and less in need of protection than their white peers.

intelligent crowd reviewing of scientific papers tested

credit: charles rondeau/public domain(—online chemistry journal synlett, which is published by thieme, has tested the idea of intelligent crowd reviewing of scientific papers. the project was the brainchild of benjamin list, a journal editor (and researcher with the max planck institute f...

obesity can add five weeks of asthma symptoms per year in preschoolers

durham, n.c. -- asthma affects almost 1 in 10 children in the u.s. and is a leading cause of emergency room visits and hospitalizations in preschoolers. according to new research from duke health and collaborators, symptoms may be worse for children ages 2 to 5 who are a study publishi...

20 awesome paid iphone apps have gone free today

whenever i have to communicate with my peers, friends and loved ones, whatsapp is my go to service. naturally, it hogs more storage than...

hcl tech beats peers, forecasts highest growth for fy18

karan choudhury & ayan pramanik  |  new delhi/bengaluru  may 11, 2017 last updated at 19:25 ist

why suburban schools are inflating kids' grades

middle-class high-schoolers aren’t getting any smarter, but their gpas are rising—and that’s pushing their poor peers further behind.

caught in the bankruptcy feedback loop

black americans are far less likely than their white peers to successfully erase their debts in court—and a network of attorneys profits as a result.

indian banks most at risk among s-e asian peers: survey

trending on bs you are here: home » finance » news » banksanuj puri to launch realty-focused nbfc

can a difficult childhood enhance cognition?

poverty tends to dampen test scores, but new research suggests people with hard upbringings can sometimes outperform their more-privileged peers.

bnp paribas sees value in indian stocks even as indices hit new highs

by at least one measure, indian equities look attractive relative to their regional peers even after posting new records in the new year. that’s the view of bnp paribas, which forecasts the benchmark s&p bse sensex to post its third annual gain in 2018, helped by a revival in company earnings and ...

more money, education only makes discrimination worse for minorities

upwardly mobile blacks and hispanics are more likely to experience racial discrimination than their socioeconomically stable peers, new research has found.

black women: supporting their families—with few resources

despite increasing college attendance and labor-force participation, african american women still aren't getting the economic security of their white peers.

aurobindo pharma's q1 a miss, but much better than peers

industrial segment boost for bharat forgebusiness standardeurope, second largest contributor to revenue (25%) did support with sales growing 10.4% y-o-yujjval jauhari  august 10, 2017 last updated at 23:23 ist

an outdoor cat can damage your sustainability cred

if you install solar panels on your roof and avoid dousing your lawn with chemicals and pesticides, your online peers may consider you to be environmentally friendly. but this street cred can all be erased if you let your cat roam around outdoors.

google can tell which apps are asking for too much of your private information

google’s latest machine-learning algorithm can help spot intrusive apps that demand access to user data that they don’t even need.see also:google’s new punishment for poorly-made apps in the play storegoogle’s new punishment for poorly-made apps in the play storemay 20, 2017as google points ...

parliament's blackmail risk | the week uk

mps and peers have been warned they may receive blackmail threats after hackers attacked the parliamentary computer system.more than 10,000 people working in westminster were told to change their passwords after the "sustained and determined" brute-force attack. members of parliament and peers lost ...

lower education and income linked to higher suicide risks for gay and bisexual m

image: this is ubc men's health researcher olivier ferlatte. view more credit: university of british columbiagay and bisexual men making less than $30,000 a year and without a university degree have more than five times the odds of attempting suicide compared with their more advantaged peers, acco...

new imaging technique peers inside living cells

to undergo high-resolution imaging, cells often must be sliced and diced, dehydrated, painted with toxic stains, or embedded in resin. for cells, the result is certain death.