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nearly half of migrant kids under five won’t be reunited

copied!the trump administration has stated that nearly half of migrant kids under five will not be reunited with their parents. joy reid and her panel discuss.jul.14.2018

migrant children reunited with parents after border separation

copied!ruben garcia, director of annunciation house speaks about the three young children, under the age of 5, that were reunited with their parents at an ice facility after being separated at the border. nearly 3,000 total migrant kids still need to be reunited with their parents.jul.11.2018

trump misses deadline to reunite migrant children

copied!the trump administration has missed a deadline to reunite migrant families, with only 38 children under the age of 5 being reunited by the deadline. bustle contributing editor alicia menendez tells ari melber that migrant parents face “impossible choices” even if they are reunited with th...

not all immigrant children separated will be reunited with parents

copied!immigrant children separated at the border from their migrant parents might not all be reunited with their families. rep. frederica wilson, joy reid, and her panel discuss the potential for permanent damage to babies and young kids through trauma.jun.23.2018

trump silent on how separated migrant families will be reunited

copied!trump issued an executive order halting the separation of migrant families, but the order provides no details about how migrant families who have already been separated will be reunited. ari melber reports on more than 2000 families who have been split apart by trump’s “zero tolerance” ...

only ‘eligible’ migrant parents can be reunited with their kids

copied!the trump administration says it will meet tomorrow’s court ordered deadline to reunify migrant families separated at the border. the justice department now says that only applies to “eligible parents.” ali velshi and stephanie ruhle are joined by former director of the office of refuge...

protestors attempt to block bus that is carrying migrant detainees in texas

copied!protestors in mcallen, texas attempt to block a bus that is carrying migrant children and family detainees. msnbc’s gabe gutierrez speaks with a protestor who says, “i am here because the kids need to be freed.” hundreds of children still wait in limbo to be reunited with their families...

trump administration to begin deporting reunited families

copied!according court filings, the trump administration is preparing to deport reunited migrant families due to space limitations.jul.24.2018

federal judge orders migrant families to be reunited

copied!more than 2,000 children have been separated from their parents at the border and now a federal judge is setting deadlines to make sure they get reunited. stephanie ruhle and ali velshi break down the judge’s injunction and ask gabe gutierrez how this will affect the reunification process.j...

presstv-us policies leave migrant families, kids in limbo

colin campbellpress tv, washingtonthe trump administration’s zero tolerance immigration policy forced the separation of more than 2,000 families and many are still not reunited despite a deadline this week. press tv’s colin campbell tells us about the negative impact the immigrant families face.

trump officials not trusted on location of kids after migrant child separations

copied!at sunday’s rally calling for donald trump to reunite migrant families, nbc’s cal perry tells joy reid, ‘we don’t trust what the officials are showing us, and we don’t know where the kids are.’jun.24.2018

many kids still not reunited one week from deadline

copied!of 2,551 separated immigrant children, only 364 have been reunited with their parents one week from a court-imposed deadline.jul.20.2018

trump administration wants more time to reunited migrant families

copied!government lawyers say they can't find the parents of 38 migrant children under the age of five, as a federal judge signaled he could extended the deadline for reuniting nearly 3,000 children separated from their parents. julia ainsley & christina bellantoni join.jul.07.2018

government to reunite nearly 60 out of 100 “tender age” migrant kids with parent

the trump administration reported monday that, of the 102 children under age 5 in u.s. custody after being separated from their parents at the border, around 60 would be reunited with their parents by tuesday’s court-ordered deadline. two children had already been reunited, four others are set to ...

migrant father still-separated from son speaks from ice detention

copied!msnbc's jacob soboroff speaks with ascension, a migrant father in ice detention who has been separated from his 15-year-old son for months. ascension unknowingly waived his right to be reunited with his son, but his lawyer says he has a viable claim for asylum.sep.08.2018

no clear solutions from trump for reuniting migrant kids with parents

copied!the trump administration has no clear solutions for reuniting migrant kids with parents after separating thousands of babies and other small children at the southern u.s. border from their families. msnbc host lawrence o’donnell and more join joy reid to discuss.jun.23.2018

migrant children await answers and their parents in tornillo

copied!nbc’s cal perry talks to sen. tom udall (d-nm) about his visit to a tent city for separated migrant children in tornillo, texas. most of those children remain in limbo, waiting to learn when they will be reunited with their parents. sen. udall says he did not get all the answers he was seek...

mothers didn't even get to say bye to kids

copied!rep. pramila jayapal says none of the migrant women she recently met had gotten to say goodbye to their kids being taken away.jun.13.2018

migrants use rope and homemade rafts to cross the border

copied!nbc’s tammy leitner spoke with penitas, texas police officer about how migrants cross the border. just near the rio grande river, many migrant families use rope, ladder, and homemade floating devices to get into the united states illegally. there are still 2,551 migrant children ages 5 to 1...

how can migrant parents in texas get their kids back?

copied!is there any legal recourse for parents deported before they’ve been reunited with their children? also, president trump calls for migrants to be sent back their home countries without legal hearings. can he actually do that? msnbc’s ayman mohyeldin speaks to texas public defender erik ha...

i feared i’d never see my son again

copied!a migrant father and his son in a texas shelter are reunited after being separated for five days. msnbc’s mariana atencio shares their emotional story.jun.16.2018

u.s. detaining more migrant kids than ever before, 12,800 total

copied!the united states is detaining more migrant children and babies than ever before, some are still being kept in cages and some kept away from their families. stephanie ruhle and nbc’s julia ainsley discuss the 12,800 children in custody right now.sep.13.2018

us judge orders migrant families to be reunited

a us judge has blocked the administration of president donald trump from separating immigrant parents and children.

judge to consider if us met migrant reunification deadline

a us federal judge will hold a hearing friday on whether the trump administration is in contempt of court over a now-elapsed deadline for reuniting migrant children taken from their parents at the mexican border.the government said thursday that hundreds of families it broke up have not been reunite...

hundreds of migrant children still in us custody after deadline closes

the us government says hundreds of families it broke up at the border with mexico have not been reunited as a court-ordered deadline to return all children to their parents elapsed.a federal judge in california had ordered that all eligible migrant families be brought back together by 6:00 pm (2200...