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to make us all safer, robocars will sometimes have to kill

not only will robocars fail to completely end traffic deaths, but they'll be choosing who to sacrifice—all to make the roads of tomorrow a safer place. the post to make us all safer, robocars will sometimes have to kill appeared first on wired.

a laptop ban leaves everyone scared and no one safer

in the rush to fetishize airplane attacks above all else, america's distorted perception of risk ultimately leaves everyone more scared and no safer. the post a laptop ban leaves everyone scared and no one safer appeared first on wired.

lighter, more efficient, safer lithium-ion batteries

researchers from universidad carlos iii de madrid and the council for scientific research (initialed csic in spanish) have patented a method for making new ceramic electrodes for lithium-ion batteries that are more efficient, cheaper, more resistant and safer than conventional batteries.

boulder clean wins epa award

boulder clean, which makes natural soaps and other cleaning products, is being honored with the u.s. environmental protection agency's 2017 safer choice partner award, the company said tuesday. in a statement carly marriott, boulder clean brand manager, said, "to carry the safer choice label, our pr...

ai wields the power to make flying safer—and maybe even pleasant

from cutting delays to cutting edge autopilot, the computers are coming to help. the post ai wields the power to make flying safer—and maybe even pleasant appeared first on wired.

the dutch are feeling safer and are less likely to be a crime victim

the dutch are feeling safer and are victims of fewer crimes, according to the latest edition of the cbs public safety monitor, which covers both reported and unreported total, 15% of the 150,000 people questioned said they had been the victim of some sort of crime in 2017, such as vanda...

sensor-embedded plastic wrap makes brain surgery safer

the result is a brain mapping device that fits much more closely to the brain (giving it better readings) and delivers higher resolution in the process. real-world tests bear that out. while a regular device and the experimental model could both spot brain areas triggering epileptic seizures, the ne...

pak shelling: 500 border residents shifted

as the situation on the borders in jammu and kashmir is heating up, more than 500 residents of the villages close to the line of control (loc) in the uri sector of baramulla district have been shifted to safer locations by the authorities."due to firing/shelling from across in border areas of uri ab...

up rivers in spate

major rivers in uttar pradesh continued to rise following rains threatening low-lying areas in several districts in the state and forcing people to shift to safer places.according to the official sources here, ganga river has been rising at varanasi at the rate of two centimetres per hour. the water...

herbal remedies or conventional medicines - which is the safer bet?

anthony booker | the conversation  march 17, 2017 last updated at 10:51 ist

cyclists 4 community hosting fundraiser to improve cycling safety in boulder cou

in the wake of seven cycling deaths in boulder county in the past year — two of them within the last week — a local nonprofit organization is holding a fundraising dinner in an effort to help make bicycling safer."crank it forward," hosted by cyclists 4 community, will take place at 7 p.m. frida...

manchester attack: as bombs return, what can be done to make venues safer?

david lowe | the conversation  may 24, 2017 last updated at 08:01 ist

catastrophic fire threat in northern tasmania

an emergency warning has been issued for a catastrophic fire moving fast in northern tasmania.the uncontrolled bushfire at george town (marguerite street, alfred street and mount george road) will put lives in danger and may destroy homes, authorities warn.residents are being told to evacuate if saf...

horses who survived horrific road crash spark safety campaign

a horrific road accident in which two horses “miraculously” escaped serious injury has sparked positive action aimed at making roads safer for all users.piebald mare patsy was thrown into the air when an oncoming car ploughed straight into her, and chestnut fleur, as they were being ridden in wi...

meet the 'super mothers' making a stockholm suburb safer

a group of mothers in fittja patrol the streets of the stockholm suburb to make it safer. photo: christine olsson/tt a group of 'super mothers' have told the local how they calmed the streets of a stockholm suburb by commanding respect from the area's youths. fatma ipek has been running kvinnokraft ...

west virginia legalizes medical marijuana

the west virginia legislature recently passed two bills—the west virginia medical cannabis act and the west virginia safer workplace act—that dramatically change the landscape of the state's laws on medical marijuana use and employee drug testing.the medical cannabis act legalizes the use, posse...

scientists make plastic from sugar and carbon dioxide

sugar and carbon dioxide are the main ingredients of the new biodegradable plastic . credit: fcafotodigitalsome biodegradable plastics could in the future be made using sugar and carbon dioxide, replacing unsustainable plastics made from crude oil, following research by scientists from the centre fo...

urban killings rise in clusters, even as cities grow safer

members of the ten point coalition pray with a family during a walk, wednesday, nov. 8, 2017, in indianapolis. four nights a week, they walk their streets, talking to young people and trying to point them away from trouble. (ap photo/darron cummings)when she started an urban farm in one of indianapo...

how 'citizen housewives' made food cheaper and safer

a new book examines the legacy of the women-led consumer protests of the mid-20th century.

pakistan violates ceasefire in rajouri, 1500 shifted to safer areas

press trust of india  |  jammu  may 16, 2017 last updated at 04:27 ist

the push for harsher school discipline after parkland

some policymakers are considering whether to more aggressively punish student misbehavior in their effort to make campuses safer.

ben-gurion u. researcher indicates nicotine replacement is safer for pregnant wo

beer-sheva, israel...december 11, 2017 - nicotine replacement therapy (nrt) is safer than smoking and should be recommended to more pregnant patients who are not able to quit on their own, according to a new review study in the medical journal of australia led by a ben-gurion university of the negev...

the design bible that changed how americans bike in cities

a movement has brought safer bicycle lanes to the united states. but it took a manual to spread them.

what’s changed since more than 1,110 people died at rana plaza?

the two initiatives meant to make bangladesh’s garment industry safer expire in a year—but the work won’t be finished by then.

better, slower, safer pitching

throwing is one of baseball’s most physically demanding tasks. but the houston astros’ dallas keuchel has mastered a less flashy yet more sustainable style.