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john kelly, don mcgahn knew of porter abuse allegations for months: report

copied!wh counsel don mcgahn and john kelly knew about domestic abuse allegations against wh staff secretary rob porter for months before he was forced to resign, according to new washington post reporting. the panel discusses.feb.09.2018

white house shows 'retrograde' attitude toward women

copied!wh counsel don mcgahn and john kelly knew about domestic abuse allegations against wh staff secretary rob porter for months before he was forced to resign, according to new washington post reporting. the panel discusses.feb.09.2018

chief defender

it’s been more than six months since john kelly joined the white house as president trump’s second chief of staff. in that time, he has imposed a semblance of order on an otherwise chaotic operation. but he’s also demonstrated that, far from acting as the “adult” in the room, he’s as imp...

questions over what john kelly knew & when about rob porter

copied!the trump white house, particularly chief of staff john kelly, are facing tough questions about what was known and when about the abuse allegations against aide rob porter.feb.09.2018

after aide’s spousal abuse becomes public, trump’s anger reportedly swings towar

the resignation of top trump aide rob porter wednesday over allegations of physical abuse by two of his ex-wives has the white house reeling. the questions of who-knew-what-when remain, but what seems abundantly clear is enough people knew plenty well before this week. both cases of abuse, after all...

new reports the white house knew of rob porter allegations

copied!new reports suggest the white house knew about the domestic abuse allegations against rob porter more than a year ago. also, reports have surfaced that john kelly has vouched for someone facing serious allegations before. national political reporter for the washington post robert costa, forme...

why john kelly is hiding from the american people

copied!the white house says the chief of staff only just "became fully aware" of abuse allegations against rob porter, but the fbi reportedly informed him in november. lawrence o'donnell says kelly is afraid to tell the american people what he knew and when he knew it.feb.09.2018

top trump aides knew of key staffer's abuse allegations

washington: white house counsel donald mcgahn knew one year ago that staff secretary rob porter's ex-wives had accused him of domestic violence but allowed him to serve as an influential gatekeeper and aide to president donald trump, according to two people familiar with the matter.chief of staff j...

president trump defends rob porter amid abuse allegations

president trump defended former staff secretary rob porter friday afternoon, making his first public statement since porter resigned this week amid allegations of domestic violence.“he says he’s innocent, and i think you have to remember that,” trump said speaking to reporters at the white hou...

trump says he hopes rob porter has a “great career” as staffers say they’re bein

typically the firing of a white house aide whose ex-wives both told the fbi that he’d physically abused them (and provided corroborating evidence) would be an open-and-shut story. not so with the trump administration (of course!) and ex-white house staff secretary rob porter, who resigned wednesda...

why one punch wasn't enough for john kelly

copied!the white house and chief of staff john kelly defended trump aide rob porter even after ex-wives accused porter of domestic abuse, using photo evidence in one case, before changing course late wednesday. lawrence o'donnell asks why the w.h. and kelly took so long?feb.08.2018

top trump aides knew of rob porter allegations: report

senior white house aides had heard of domestic violence allegations against president donald trump’s staff secretary before reports published on tuesday and wednesday that led to his resignation, four people familiar with the matter was not clear who among trump’s top aides knew of staff...

john kelly’s latest blunder: protecting an alleged abuser

copied!trump chief of staff john kelly is under scrutiny once again, after reportedly ignoring allegations of abuse made against white house staff secretary rob porter.feb.09.2018

white house chief of staff kelly called on to resign

copied!john kelly is under fire for his handling of abuse allegations against a top aide, which kelly was first informed of months ago.feb.09.2018

family feud: rob porter’s domestic scandal riles white house

the white house is embroiled in an explosive domestic scandal, with critics demanding to know how a top aide accused of domestic abuse could work there for a year despite failing to qualify for a security clearance.see related how to impeach a presidentdonald trump: a dangerous mind?rob porter...

top trump staffer to resign amid abuse allegations

copied!white house officials allegedly knew about abuse allegations against robert porter and encouraged him to stay on.feb.08.2018

is trump looking to replace chief of staff john kelly?

copied!the fallout over how trump white house chief of staff john kelly has handled the abuse allegations against white house aide rob porter is leading to reports trump may be looking to replace kelly.feb.09.2018

aide rob porter leaving wh after abuse allegations surface

copied!white house staff secretary rob porter has resigned from his post after reported on allegations from two ex-wives of physical and verbal abuse.feb.07.2018

rob porter’s history of domestic abuse wasn’t a secret. it’s just that no one ca

as it turns out, the first #metoo story to actually trip up the white house needed to be as graphic and violent as the accusations against rob porter. it needed to involve a rhodes scholar golden boy who had been married—married—to old-fashioned girls to even count. this, and indeed the entire s...

top trump aide rob porter resigns following domestic abuse allegations

the white house said porter denied the allegations and retains the confidence of trump and his chief of staff john kelly, but would be leaving his post at an undetermined time.his resignation comes after reports in the daily mail and the intercept, in which porter's ex-wives colbie holderness and je...

why did rob porter have white house security clearance anyway?

white house staff secretary rob porter resigned on wednesday following revelations that his two ex-wives had made detailed allegations of domestic violence to both the police and the fbi. in the wake of this swift departure, scrutiny has fallen on who at the white house knew what about the accusatio...

rob porter: trump white house ignored women and believed men

for the trump white house, a man’s denial carries a lot of weight.during the 2016 presidential campaign and into the white house, trump and his aides have defended a male aide accused of domestic violence, a male senate candidate accused of pursuing inappropriate relationships with teens and a mal...

rob porter resigns as white house staff secretary and trump aide

copied!one of the president's closest aides rob porter resigns after his ex-wives allege physical and verbal abuse. chief of staff john kelly says he's shocked despite reports the white house was told about the allegations last fall. chief economic correspondent for politico ben white and gop strate...

white house won't say when kelly knew about alleged abuse

copied!officials say the chief of staff knew staffer rob porter had allegedly abused two ex-wives. the white house doesn't want to talk about it.feb.09.2018

white house under scrutiny after porter allegations

copied!nbc's peter alexander and panel discuss the rob porter abuse allegations.feb.09.2018