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iom: 2,800 migrant kids went back to school in 2018 | news

almost 2,800 migrant and refugee children staying at facilities across greece attended school in 2018 with help for a second year from a european union-funded transportation service, the international organization for migration (iom) said.iom chief william lacy swing said the program, which involves...

trump officials not trusted on location of kids after migrant child separations

copied!at sunday’s rally calling for donald trump to reunite migrant families, nbc’s cal perry tells joy reid, ‘we don’t trust what the officials are showing us, and we don’t know where the kids are.’jun.24.2018

mothers didn't even get to say bye to kids

copied!rep. pramila jayapal says none of the migrant women she recently met had gotten to say goodbye to their kids being taken away.jun.13.2018

no clear solutions from trump for reuniting migrant kids with parents

copied!the trump administration has no clear solutions for reuniting migrant kids with parents after separating thousands of babies and other small children at the southern u.s. border from their families. msnbc host lawrence o’donnell and more join joy reid to discuss.jun.23.2018

trump lies about migrant kids echo 'fascistic mechanism'

copied!new york mayor bill de blasio blasts trump for secrecy and “holding” back information about migrant children being transported to new york city. sam seder tells ari melber that the trump administrations lies to citizens, public officials and corporations are reminiscent of “authoritaria...

last minute back to school tech guide - laptops, tablets, and more

winter is coming.there is no surer sign of this, than the fact that the roads to oxford are once again at a standstill between the hours of 8-9am and the streets are once again filled with long-haired teens in’s alright for me: i work from home. but for parents it means the ‘school run...

gop rep. meadows says separating kids from parents is not humane

copied!house freedom caucus chair mark meadows reacts to news of the trump administration's 'zero tolerance policy', and what can be done to stop separating migrant families: "well i don’t believe separating kids from parents is a humane thing, that’s why i took action, that’s why i worked ove...

trump family separation policy becomes focus of national outrage

copied!rep. beto o'rourke talks with rachel maddow about a father's day protest march he organized at the site of trump's "tent city" camp for migrant kids in tornillo, texas, and the plight of migrant families being persecuted by the trump administration.jun.19.2018

who is caring for migrant kids in shelters across the country?

copied!migrant children are now being held in several states across the country. stephanie ruhle sits down with the first lady of new york city to discuss who is caring for these children and where the girls and youngest children could be located.jun.21.2018

migrant kids held at border after being separated from parents

copied!hundreds of migrant children are currently stuck at the u.s. border after being separated from their families due to the trump administration's new "zero tolerance" immigration policy. the stations are only meant to hold immigrants for up to 3 days, but more than 330 children are being held f...

trump admin has no clear solution to reunite 2,300+ kids with parents

copied!the trump administration is providing conflicting messages and no clear solutions to reunite more than 2,300 migrant children with their parents. stephanie ruhle breaks down the latest updates on the migrant families seeking asylum in the united states.jun.22.2018

new audio gives voice to migrant kids in u.s. detention center

copied!ginger thompson, senior reporter for propublica, talks with rachel maddow about newly published audio from inside a migrant child detention center, which thompson received from a civil rights attorney who obtained it from a client.jun.19.2018

here's what worries parents as kids head back to school

two thirds of parents think that bullying—either online, in real life or both—is a “big problem” as kids head back to school this season, according to a new report from the c.s. mott children’s hospital national poll on children’s health. and one in three worries that the issue may direc...

trump separating migrant kids from parents sparks national outrage

copied!the trump administration is defending its decision to separate migrant children from their parents at the border as democrats slam the “zero tolerance” policy as “inhumane” and “un-american”. rep. espaillat slams the trump administration for “abusing” children in this way, say...

leave us with kids, or without

copied!after a court order to reunite more than 2,000 migrant children who were separated from their parents in may and june, the trump administration has instructed immigration agents to give those parents two options: leave the country with your kids — or leave the country without them.jul.03.2018

exclusive look inside detention center for migrant girls

copied!up until now, reporters have not been allowed into facilities housing migrant girls. now for the first time, nbc news has learned what life is like for migrant girls that were separated from their families. nbc’s catie beck gets a rare look inside a south florida detention center for teenag...

migrant guatemalan mother sues to get her son back after crossing u.s. border

copied!nbc’s pete williams speaks about a migrant guatemalan mother who filed a lawsuit against the trump administration to get her seven-year-old son back after she was detained at border patrol crossing the u.s. border. after being released from custody on june 15th she awaits her immigration he...

nora sandigo is legal guardian for over 1,200 migrant kids

copied!msnbc's mariana atencio joins morning joe to speak about immigration activist nora sandigo who is the legal guardian for over 1,200 migrant children. sandigo spoke with atencio about her mission to help the children of undocumented parents.jun.26.2018

protestors attempt to block bus that is carrying migrant detainees in texas

copied!protestors in mcallen, texas attempt to block a bus that is carrying migrant children and family detainees. msnbc’s gabe gutierrez speaks with a protestor who says, “i am here because the kids need to be freed.” hundreds of children still wait in limbo to be reunited with their families...

hhs working to reunite nearly 3,000 migrant children

copied!nbc news' julia ainsley joins andrea mitchell to discuss hhs secretary alex azar's immigration briefing where he revealed that nearly 3,000 migrant children are in the government's custody after the trump administration instituted a "zero tolerance" policy.jul.05.2018

how can migrant parents in texas get their kids back?

copied!is there any legal recourse for parents deported before they’ve been reunited with their children? also, president trump calls for migrants to be sent back their home countries without legal hearings. can he actually do that? msnbc’s ayman mohyeldin speaks to texas public defender erik ha...

politicsnation 06/17/18 | msnbc

jump to navigationsharetweetemailsaveembedpoliticsnation with al sharpton 06/17/18 politicsnation is hosted by al sharpton, one of america's most renowned civil rights leader. descriptionlimit"> ...moreduration: {{video.duration.momentjs}}up next in: latest msnbc videoschannelstop storiesfrom nbc ne...

trump admin. holding kids 'hostage to get your stupid border wall'

copied!democratic congressman ruben gallego from arizona says the “zero tolerance” policy separating migrant parents from their children is “inhumane” and the trump administration is holding these kids “hostage” to get the “stupid border wall.”jun.17.2018

texas school district arms staff to keep kids safe

copied!msnbc’s aaron gilchrist talks with argyle independent school district police chief paul cairney, about arming staff following sandy hook school shooting.feb.18.2018

trump is lying about his child migrant policy

copied!the trump administration has separated nearly 2000 children from their parents at the border as trump falsely blames democrats for his own policy tearing migrant families apart. ari melber breaks down the proof that trump is lying about his child migrant policy and plays audio recordings of a...