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inessential: mighty yosemite

a little birdie — okay, it was sol-meister k. — tells me that cocoaconf yosemite is close to selling out.don’t miss out! it’s so beautiful. this will be my third trip — because i miss it when i’m not there, and because the people are awesome.

inessential: tomorrow

remember today, since we may spend the rest of our lives getting back to this point.i hope to remember tomorrow as the first of many days where the american people said “fuck you” to the new president.

inessential: manton’s thing

manton’s doing important work, and you should back it.microblogging on the open web could be — should be — the next thing. manton’s building it. with your help.

inessential: today

today wasn’t so bad. sure, the enemies of democracy, the constitution, rationality, compassion, national and international institutions, decency, competence, ethics, art, science, and truth itself — and of anyone who isn’t a white man — now darken the offices of power. but they haven’t don...

inessential: the declassified report

we assess with high confidence that russian president vladimir putin ordered an influence campaign in 2016 aimed at the us presidential election, the consistent goals of which were to undermine public faith in the us democratic process, denigrate secretary clinton, and harm her electability and pote...

inessential: omni’s roadmap and scripting

in 2016 we scratched the surface with url automation on ios, but in 2017 we plan to roll out user automation on ios in a big way across all our apps with a much richer set of capabilities. this automation support won’t be limited to a simple set of url primitives; instead, we’re adding support f...

inessential: how trump’s support erodes

even trump’s supporters know he’s not a good and competent man — nevertheless, they think they can get what they want from him. it’s a cynical deal, and bad, but you can understand it.trump’s vagueness and flip-flops, and the suggestion that he not be taken literally, all help him with thi...

inessential: omnioutliner essentials

omni introduces omnioutliner essentials:we didn’t want to just reach out to our existing audience; we wanted to introduce the joys and benefits of outlining to a much larger audience. we decided that meant two things: we needed to make the app much simpler, and we needed to make it much more affor...

inessential: first week notes

it’s not russian roulette when there’s a bullet in every chamber — it’s just russian.* * *it should be clear by now that democrats in congress should resist every single thing trump attempts. every nominee. every law. every single thing. do not collaborate.* * *the next thing might be a “...