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dna testing on separated migrant families needs robust privacy safeguards

last week, a federal official confirmed that the trump administration, under a court order to reunify families that have been separated at the border, has begun using dna tests to match children and parents in their custody. the official, speaking to cnn, said, “to our knowledge, this is a cheek s...

acp says genetic testing to reunite separated families should meet ethical princ

washington, dc (july 11, 2018) -- in a new policy issued today, the american college of physicians (acp) stated that immigrant families who have been separated at the border should be reunited as expeditiously as possible. if genetic testing is considered appropriate, it should be done in the least ...

trump silent on how separated migrant families will be reunited

copied!trump issued an executive order halting the separation of migrant families, but the order provides no details about how migrant families who have already been separated will be reunited. ari melber reports on more than 2000 families who have been split apart by trump’s “zero tolerance” ...

how difficult is it to reunite separated migrant families?

copied!robyn barnard, staff attorney from human rights first, joins peter alexander to discuss the difficulties of reuniting families separated at the border and the stories she’s heard from asylum seekers.jun.22.2018

migrant children seeking asylum separated from parents

copied!families of asylum seekers are being separated because of president trump's immigration policy. stephanie ruhle speaks with gadi schwartz who is on the ground with struggling families.jun.13.2018

trump blames dems, but his policy is separating migrant families

copied!the president is blaming democrats for the fact that migrant families are now being separated at the u.s.-mexico border. but the reason is a policy change his administration made. jonathan allen & franco ordoñez discuss.jun.16.2018

federal judge extends deadline to reunite separated families

copied!the federal government will not meet today’s deadline to reunite the youngest migrant children who are separated from their families. stephanie ruhle and ali velshi speak with gabe gutierrez about parents who are stuck in agonizing limbo as the courts demand a new timeline to get these fami...

migrant kids held at border after being separated from parents

copied!hundreds of migrant children are currently stuck at the u.s. border after being separated from their families due to the trump administration's new "zero tolerance" immigration policy. the stations are only meant to hold immigrants for up to 3 days, but more than 330 children are being held f...

unclear if trump admin. is capable of reuniting migrant families

copied!cal perry joins from near the texas-mexico border to lay out the challenges facing the trump administration reuniting migrant families who were separated under trump's zero tolerance policy.jun.29.2018

separating migrant families will cause “toxic stress” with lasting effects

copied!nbc’s dr. natalie azar discusses the opposition in the medical community to migrant families being separated at the border. she says the move will cause “toxic stress” that will have a lasting effect on the children, including emotional damage as well as physical harm.jun.17.2018

trump 'solution' for separated families: 'come legally'

copied!a federal judge extends the deadline for the trump administration to reunite separated migrant families, while another judge rebukes the administration’s attempt to indefinitely detain them. stephanie ruhle breaks down what this means for the families who have yet to be reunited. weighing i...

trump is lying about his child migrant policy

copied!the trump administration has separated nearly 2000 children from their parents at the border as trump falsely blames democrats for his own policy tearing migrant families apart. ari melber breaks down the proof that trump is lying about his child migrant policy and plays audio recordings of a...

exclusive look inside detention center for migrant girls

copied!up until now, reporters have not been allowed into facilities housing migrant girls. now for the first time, nbc news has learned what life is like for migrant girls that were separated from their families. nbc’s catie beck gets a rare look inside a south florida detention center for teenag...

stormy daniels’ attorney michael avenatti to help families separated at border

copied!stormy daniels’ attorney michael avenatti has pledged to help immigrant families separated at the border, telling am joy ‘it needs to end now.’ joy reid and her panel discuss the almost 2,000 migrant children taken from their parents in the past six weeks.jun.17.2018

reports from ‘families belong together’ marches nationwide

copied!with ‘families belong together’ marches underway nationwide, joy reid speaks to msnbc reporters in the field on the thousands gathering to support migrant children separated from their parents, and the reunification of immigrant families.jun.30.2018

melania trump 'hates to see' children separated from their families

first lady melania trump is wading into the emotional controversy over policies enacted by her husband's administration that have increased the number of migrant children being separated from their parents.mrs trump's spokeswoman stephanie grisham says the first lady believes "we need to be a countr...

trump administration wants more time to reunited migrant families

copied!government lawyers say they can't find the parents of 38 migrant children under the age of five, as a federal judge signaled he could extended the deadline for reuniting nearly 3,000 children separated from their parents. julia ainsley & christina bellantoni join.jul.07.2018

rep. jimmy gomez joins rally calling for trump to reunite migrant families

copied!rep. jimmy gomez joined sunday’s rally calling for donald trump to reunite migrant families, telling joy reid, ‘republicans are complicit with this president.’ women’s march organizer paola mendoza also joined to discuss the separated minors crisis.jun.24.2018

un chief condemns us family border separations

in a rare criticism of the united states, un secretary-general antonio guterres said monday that migrant children should not be separated from their families at the us-mexico border."as a matter of principle, the secretary-general believes that refugees and migrants should always be treated with res...

defense contractor detained migrant children in vacant office building

copied!as the trump administration works to reunite 3,000 separated migrant children with their families, a new report from the center for investigative reporting reveals a disturbing location where some of these youths have apparently been held. joy reid is joined by one of the reporters on the sto...

us using dna tests to reunite 3,000 children with migrant parents

us officials have resorted to dna testing on up to 3,000 detained children who remain separated from their migrant parents, a top official said thursday as president donald trump's administration struggles to rapidly reunite families at the centre of a border crisis. the controversial, newly announc...

not all immigrant children separated will be reunited with parents

copied!immigrant children separated at the border from their migrant parents might not all be reunited with their families. rep. frederica wilson, joy reid, and her panel discuss the potential for permanent damage to babies and young kids through trauma.jun.23.2018

trump officials struggle to reunite migrant families

copied!there's continued public outrage over children separated from their parents at the border.jul.05.2018

immigrant children separated from parents reportedly held in cages

copied!immigrant children separated from their parents are being held in what amount to cages according to observations made by democratic u.s. senator jeff merkley. joy reid and her panel discuss the inhumane policy of separating migrant families.jun.10.2018

donald trump reverses family separation policy

donald trump has issued a new executive order reversing his policy of taking children from illegal immigrants and holding them in detention centres.the executive order promises to “keep families together” after days of international outrage over the treatment of undocumented children arriving in...