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why is someone impersonating michael chabon on instagram?

the instagram account of pulitzer prize–winning novelist michael chabon feels entirely his own, an always personal mix of selfies, family photos, and political reflections. on wednesday, however, an unusual post appeared in his feed. it was a collage of four men to whom he bears a squinting resemb...

spider-man, ranked |

6the amazing spider-man 2 (2014)peter parker (andrew garfield) unfortunately promised to leave his girlfriend gwen stacy (emma stone) alone, robbing the movie of its best asset.5spider-man 3 (2007)director sam raimi's spider-man movies were full of angst and tears. the final installment went from we...

transformers movie universe tipped as next big franchise reboot

you’d be hard pressed to find anyone, critic or fan, who would say the live-action transformers movies are anything close to “good,” but there’s no denying that the franchise has made paramount several billions in profits since its debut in 2007. with this in mind, a new report ahead of the ...