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all about breast pumps

this week, an update on the state of women's health tech: not great, but getting better. with arielle pardes. the post all about breast pumps appeared first on wired.

10 types of shoes for women

whether it is the season of valentine’s or not, jewellery and cosmetics is the first love for any and every girl. but there is no way you can live without including shoes in the wish list.[also read: how to wear cowgirl boots]no matter the types of shoes for women, shoes never hurt us (barring sho...

petrol pumps may close on sundays

petrol outlets in the state will be closed on sundays and working hours will be reduced to a single shift from may 15 onwards, according to b r ravindranath, president of the karnataka petroleum dealers association.“we want to pressure the petroleum ministry to take up the issue of dealer margins....

pumps ran for 6 years to build abu dhabi’s new island museum

the louvre abu dhabi—set to open this year—is anchored to the seafloor. that way it won't float away before you get there. the post pumps ran for 6 years to build abu dhabi's new island museum appeared first on wired.

wireless system to power heart pumps could save lives currently lost to infectio

a new wireless system to power heart pumps could save lives by reducing deadly infections caused by current forms of the device.

'tree-on-a-chip' passively pumps water for days

cambridge, mass. -- trees and other plants, from towering redwoods to diminutive daisies, are nature's hydraulic pumps. they are constantly pulling water up from their roots to the topmost leaves, and pumping sugars produced by their leaves back down to the roots. this constant stream of nutrients i...

karan johar’s party was a blitz of fashion and style from b-world

the noted name of the celebrity world, karan johar threw a spectacular party for the renowned designer, christian louboutin, at his bandra residence, and the entire film fraternity whirl-pooled to the party to express their love for the duo.though the party circled the close group of b-town, we coul...

build a simple cocktail drinkbot with arduino

big parties need a conversation piece, and what’s better than a drink-making robot? not only is it a good conversation starter, it also frees up the party host who would normally be the bartender. it turned out that the drink robot was a really good idea. the mai tai recipe presented here has th...

shakti pumps soars 14% on robust q4 profit

si reporter  |  mumbai  may 19, 2017 last updated at 13:51 ist

petrol pumps not to shut shop on sundays for now

shine jacob  |  new delhi  may 13, 2017 last updated at 18:54 ist

japan's softbank pumps in $1.8 billion in paytm

karan choudhury  |  new delhi  may 19, 2017 last updated at 03:53 ist

paper pumps power portable microfluidics, biomedical devices

image: a paper pump, or 'hydraulic battery,' is shown here pumping fluid through a simple microchannel at a constant rate of 0.6 μl/min. each snapshot is 12 min apart. the technology... view more credit: glenn walkerbiomedical engineering researchers from north carolina state university and the un...

up petrol pumps' owners call off strike after assurance on stf action

press trust of india  |  lucknow  may 2, 2017 last updated at 16:48 ist

now, buy led bulbs, tubelights, ceiling fans at petrol pumps at low rates

press trust of india  |  new delhi  may 18, 2017 last updated at 17:12 ist

8 style tips on how to wear midi skirts

ahh the midi skirts, bringing back memories of the good old 70s and the early 80s – a time when zeenat aman and parveen bhabhi sported them like no woman’s business; helen before them made a statement in the late 60s too. as they say, everything has a full circle and the midi-skirts have come ba...

to reduce fuel usage, petrol pumps to be shut on sundays may 14 onwards

shine jacob  |  new delhi  april 10, 2017 last updated at 19:30 ist

comforting, full, rich and healthy: benefits of black tea

well, fitness freaks out there might be swearing by green tea (primarily for weight loss reasons and social reasons too). but benefits of black tea cannot be undermined. no way, actually!there might be ‘n’ number of thoughts going through your mind on the subject of black tea. for instance, what...

how to wear overalls – unique ways to wear overalls

when we think of the 80s & 90s fashion, we visualize bell-bottom pants, tie up shirts, crop tops, overalls and so on. well, this season its time to rock the 90’s fashion again! back then, crop tops was all over in fashion market and is still ‘in’. and now, overalls are trending high on fashion...

some inspiration for every fashionista and diva who wants to own a black sequin

with many colors to choose from when shopping for party wear this season, you need to own a black sequin dress. the must-have staple party number, a black sequin dress is a seductive ensemble and a must-have for every pyt. a sequin black dress or a black sequin skirt can never go wrong for an epic p...

captain cook memorial jet to reach new heights on canberra day

the captain cook memorial jet is back - bigger and better than ever. the fountain in lake burley griffin will shoot an extra five metres into the sky after a $3 million refurbishment.water has been spouting from the lake periodically since late last year, after almost two years of headaches and hi...

nasa contemplating “hubble-esque” spacewalks to fix physics experiment

enlarge/ a view of the alpha magnetic spectrometer on the station.nasashare this storylaunched to the international space station in 2011 on the penultimate flight of the space shuttle, the alpha magnetic spectrometer has quietly been collecting data during the last six years, observing more than 1...

monsoon rains reach andaman and nicobar islands six days early: imd

petrol pumps will not remain shut on sundays for nowbusiness standardthe islands receive monsoon rains around may 20reuters  may 15, 2017 last updated at 10:47 ist

the alpha magnetic spectrometer has a problem with its cooling system

enlarge/ a view of the alpha magnetic spectrometer on the station.nasashare this storylaunched to the international space station in 2011 on the penultimate flight of the space shuttle, the alpha magnetic spectrometer has quietly been collecting data during the last six years, observing more than 1...

'smart handpumps' predict depths of groundwater in africa

researchers from the university's department of engineering science and the school of geography and the environment believe they have discovered a new way of accurately estimating ground water resources in africa, using low-cost mobile technologies fitted to existing hand pumps. around one million h...

14 examples of modern houses with black exteriors

  all black exteriors create a dramatic look that can’t be missed by people passing by. they’re bold, unique, and can look extremely stylish. to show you what we mean, here are 14 examples of modern black house exteriors. 1. large windows are the only things interrupting the all black siding on...