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alien: covenant just burst through the chest of the star-lord at the box office

guardians of the galaxy vol. 2 has been enjoying a successful run in theaters, and the top spot at the box office since its may 5 release — until now.another action-packed space flick of a way more sinister stripe has just bumped it from its holding status as the top movie in the country, as alie...

'alien: covenant' zooms to top of box office

(los angeles) — "alien: covenant" edged out "guardians of the galaxy, vol. 2" in the weekend box-office space battle.ridley scott's latest "alien" exploit opened with $36 million in ticket sales, according to studio estimates sunday. "guardians" was close behind with just over $35 million in its t...

watch how 'alien: covenant's' android is born

another alien film, another terrifying android that could spell humanity's downfall. in prometheus, we were introduced to michael fassbender's david, a robot who was a bit too curious about the nature of extraterrestrial life. now fassbender is back in alien: covenant as "walter," a slightly tweaked...

aw man, alien: covenant may not connect to ripley after all

bummer. the post aw man, alien: covenant may not connect to ripley after all appeared first on wired.

alien: covenant proves ‘franchise fatigue’ really means ‘boring movies’

another 'alien' movie would've been fine—if it was a good one. the post alien: covenant proves 'franchise fatigue' really means 'boring movies' appeared first on wired.

alien: covenant: we’re not ok, computer

the spaceship covenant, director ridley scott's latest flying deathtrap, carries 15 crew members, 2,000 colonists, 1,400 embryos, and zero pandas. pandas insist on eating empty-calorie bamboo — they’re bears denying their carnivorous biology to chow down on 20-foot celery — and procreate so ap...

alien: covenant – ridley scott divides the critics

almost 40 years after alien burst on to our screens, director ridley scott returns with the latest in the franchise - alien: covenant.the second chapter of the prequels, which began with 2012's alien: prometheus, sees michael fassbender, katherine waterson, carmen ejogo and billy crudup among the cr...

alien covenant drips with blood and plot resolutions—but you better be a fan

enlarge/ hard to shoot these xenos when they can just jump on your gun.20th century foxshare this storyit took ridley scott 35 years, but the sci-fi filmmaking legend finally got to make his version of aliens. all it took to get there was a decades-long dwindling of the series, a kind-of-but-not-ex...

avec « alien covenant », ridley scott prend le risque de braquer les fans

la suite de « prometheus » s’attaque à une tâche impossible : apporter une cohérence à la mythologie de la saga alien, quitte à casser certains codes.le monde | 10.05.2017 à 12h06 • mis à jour le 10.05.2017 à 12h27 | par william audureau« j’avoue que je ne sais pas trop quoi en ...

director on ripley dying in original alien ending

warning: the post contains spoilers for the movie alien.the original 1979 alien movie is one of the all-time classic thrillers, but if director ridley scott had his way, the final scene would have played out a bit differently.during a recent interview with entertainment weeklyto promote his upcoming...

alien: covenant is the best installment since aliens

ridley scott's latest movie wisely focuses on extraterrestrial suspense, not windy philosophizing.

ridley scott promises a return to alien-style horror in alien: covenant

in a tent beside a bank of shipping containers – as scores of crew members and actors bustle around him – an alien is dressing for work.a lean figure in a black leotard is carefully fitted with a new ribbed body. then a long slippery head inspired by a goblin shark. still wearing his nike runner...

"alien" potrebbe presto arrivare su ultra hd blu-ray

una nuovaversione di "alien" (il film del 1979) sarebbe ormai pronta a sbarcare sul mercato. a confermarlo è il regista ridley scott nel corso di un'intervista con la testata allocine. scott ha affermato che l'originale era splendidamente pulito e sarà rilasciato nuovamente in edizione digitale mi...

alien: covenant invites you to “meet walter” (with amd onboard)

this morning a press release was sent out detailing the latest synthetic (read: humanoid robot) from weyland-yutani. this synthetic’s name was walter, and it acted as a different version of the robot we saw in prometheus – then called david. oddly, it would seem that this “walter” version is...

news and openings

cinema alien: covenant a horror thriller from ridley scott starring michael fassbender, katherine waterston, billy crudup, and danny mcbride. wed. may. 17thu. may. 25 the crew of a colony ship, bound for a remote planet, discover an uncharted paradise with a threat beyond their imagination and must ...

hugh jackman is not the retiring type – or is he?

trailer: alien - covenantvideo duration02:14previous slidenext slidevideo duration01:47trailer: logantrailer: loganlogan and professor charles xavier must cope with the loss of the x-men when a corporation lead by nathaniel essex is destroying the world leaving it to destruction.trailer: alien - cov...

could fast radio bursts be powering alien probes?

the search for extraterrestrial intelligence has looked for many different signs of alien life, from radio broadcasts to laser flashes, without success. however, newly published research suggests that mysterious phenomena called fast radio bursts could be evidence of advanced alien technology. speci...

astronomer ponders the idea of looking for long extinct intelligent alien life

(—jason wright, an astronomy professor at penn state, has uploaded a paper to the arxiv preprint sever that addresses the issue of whether we have looked hard enough for extinct alien life—particularly intelligent forms of extraterrestrial life. in his paper, he questions whether enough...

future retail zooms over 100% in two months

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navneet education zooms 14% on heavy volumes

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aditya birla money zooms 20% on heavy volumes

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escorts extends gain; stock zooms over 250% in fy17

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cravatex zooms 75% in 4-session; stock locked in maximum monthly limit

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nifty realty index zooms 50% from november lows; sobha soars 15%

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